Suggestions for AGP card



Hello everybody

I am planning to get a AGP card within the range of $50 to $100. Your opinions on these options please:

  1. ATI RADEON 7500 64MB AGP

  1. GeForce FX 5200 128MB AGP

I cannot afford a higher end card right now. So please let me know your suggestions. Also if you know of any site that has a better deal, please let me know (as long as it ships to US its fine).

Also any other brand that can be got in that range?


Hey there ExpertTech ,

I would recommend the GeForce , because it think it is a little better than the choiche you made with the ATI card.

At the moment , i have no doubt that nVidia’s vga cards are more supported by the big game software companies than ATI is. And you do need this monster for playing 3D Games , isn’t it ?

Now everyone can bore you with specifications of course , but i rather look at the current market. And that market is more nVidia than ATI.


I would definitely go with the FX5200 b/c it supports directX9, while the radeon that you chose only supports directx7. With the nVidia card, you will be able to run Doom 3 when it comes out, and actually have it look decent and run at decent speeds. You will get more Performance vs. Price with the FX5200.


Cool I think I’ll go for the FX card. Getting it cheaper at ebay ($83 all inclusive)


Kartik… HOLD ON! If you’re shopping off Ebay, also try getting a GeForce 4 Ti 4200 , which should run you about 92$ . It is MUCH better than the 5200, with better speed and IQ too.



Hey Bhairav! Thanks for the link…Actually I did see a few GeForce 4 Tis, but is it DX 9 compliant? I think only the FX supports pixel shading/vertex shading and other so-called cinematic effects. And its a newer card and chipset than the GeForce 4 right? That’s why I went in for the FX.

I haven’t yet placed my order :slight_smile:


Yep, it’s newer but slower! Go figure! DX9 compatibility be damned, the damned FX can’t even keep up with a 4Ti under DX8 and 7 :frowning:

Here… read this:

Direct comparo with a 4Ti… guess what wins?!

Also, Radeon 9500 64 MB cards are around 115$. Much faster than a 4Ti under AA and Aniso, so they’re worth looking at.


Hmm…but u see…I usually play my games at 640X480 or 800X600 - then would the FX have the horsepower to do it? Or do you still feel the Ti 4200 is better?


So in raw horse power the GeForce 4 Ti may be better, but the FX has DX 9 compatibility, costs less and has power equal to a GeForce 4 MX. My mind still feels like going for the FX :stuck_out_tongue:

What say?


I’d still go w/ the FX since it’s faster when AA is turned on. And lets be realistic here, not everybody play games at 1600x1200x32bit. And once you cross the 60-70 fps threshhold, you won’t notice the difference. I’d rather have quality than speed. Besides, IMO nVidia drivers are still easier to install and configure than ATI’s multi-pack drivers. Just installed FX5200 Ultra yesterday, it’s looking pretty good w/ the Dawn demo (naked). :bigsmile:


buy the 9500 pro of ATI…it is cheap and has dx9 support…
you get one of the fastest card with the best picture available for a low price
(i don’t work for ATI even when it sounds like it)

and with special firmware it is almost as fast as the 9700 pro

(and ATI cards run the dawn demo faster then nvidia…:stuck_out_tongue: )

also a good and cheap choice is de gforce 4600…i know…no dx9 …but still a fast one


Kartik better go for ASUS FX 5200 :slight_smile:

GeForce FX 5200 AGP 128MB DDR w/ TV-Out & DVI
(Asus) - (V9520TD)



Don’t know dude… I would still say either the Ti4200 or the 9500 Pro. I have a new Ti4400, and it rocks!




Man, what are you talking about? Do you even know what the greater than/lesser than signs mean?

So you’re telling me GF4 Ti4200 is better than GF4 MX (including 420/440/440SE/460), and GF4 MX is better than FX5200/GF5200 Ultra. Are you serious? Did you read any reviews before you made that post?:eek:


I have a gf4mx, and it sucks. The FX is way better then the gf4mx, although it is slower than the ti4200. BTW the radeon 9500 is not dx9 compatible, that would only be from 9600 and up. As of right now, with ATI’s new cards, they own nVidia in the market, but I would say the fx5200 from nVidia is the best budget card b/c it supports dx9 and it is still a fast card


No, the Radeon 9500 is DX9 compatible.

Personally, I would reccomend a GF4 Ti4200. Even though you might spend $10-$15 over your limit, it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Back to DX9 though, don’t be concerned about that. By the time all the new games hit the market and support only DX9 compatible cards, the FX5200 is only going to suck even more. It’s not that great of a card to begin with and represents Nvidia’s attempt to cater to the lower end of the market where most of the sales are.


YEp…the 9500 pro is dx9 compatible
That is why i bought it 2 months ago. Firrst i wanted a gforce4600, but i saw it had no dx9 support.

At the moment dx9 is only supported in nice demo’s…not in games.

Not sure but i think doom3 wil be the first game to support it


Ok, I analyzed the pros and cons and have concluded that the FX is the best value for money currebtly. Have placed my order.

Thanks for your inputs guys :slight_smile:


good choice i’d say ExpertTech.
the FX cards are awesome from what i’ve seen so far.
i’m selling my Geforce TI 4800 SE just to get the FX 5900 Ultra.
can’t wait heehee.