Suggestions for a scanner or a multifunction inkjet printer



Hi :slight_smile:

Some days ago I was in need to do some copies of a document, but I don’t own a scanner, and it was a little problematic to find one.

So I thought to get a multifunction inkjet printer, but I have no idea which one.

My idea was to get a Canon, because (if I’m not wrong) basically all models of Canon printers have also the DVD printing tool, so I could also print on my burned discs now and again.

I will not print pictures, so the best photographic quality is not a must for me. For the most I’ll use that tool for photocopies, so I really don’t need the top of category.

I need a reliable tool with good quality for black/white printings and a decent quality for the occasional CD/DVD printing.

Also price is important: I’d like to spend as low as possible, but I don’t want get something that kill cartridges after a couple of prints :eek:

Can someone suggest me a model?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I have been using a Canon MP780 for years now with absolutely no complaints. It works as well today as it did when I bought it. IMO, Canon makes excellent multi-function printers.


Check out the MP630 Amazon uk link, Canon Link. £99.99 at amazon.


I would think nowdays spending a little more for a AIO color laser would benefit more in the end then a inkjet. I have both a HP 960cse and SAMSUNG CLX-3175FN MFC. Cause for me inks for inkjet cost more and I use it for printing graphics or pics while I use the samsung for everyday printing and scanning and copying.


If you would like to use cheap refillable ink cartdridges: Get a very cheap HP or Epson AOI. The software is always crap, but refilling the ink is very easy.

I’ve bought me this Lexmark a few years back because it has everything that should be standard in any AIO : scanner, automatic document feeder (love this), automatic duplex feeder (normally these things cost extra), usb/pictbridge (bluetooth option possible), lan, wifi, fax, media card reader. Sad thing is the crappy software. Ink refilling not possible unfortunately.


[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2478500]If you would like to use cheap refillable ink cartdridges: Get a very cheap HP or Epson AOI. The software is always crap, but refilling the ink is very easy.[/QUOTE]

The reason I will use the Canon MP780 until the wheels fall off it is because it uses non-chipped ink cartridges. I can buy third party cartridges for $1.59 each that work as well as Canon OEM cartridges that cost $12 each. I bought several Canon printers that use the BCI-6 cartridges off of Craigs List as backups to the ones we use daily. Ink cost in our house is a non-issue.


Thanks everybody for suggestions :slight_smile:

Using not-chipped cartridges indeed will be very handy :iagree:


Good suggestion about trying to get something non-chipped
…but you may have to hunt through ebay, and so on as already mentioned.

I have a non-chipped iP5000, and a newer iP4600…which goes through cartridges faster than Tiger Woods changes models. The difference is shocking.

My Mum has a non-chipped multifunction Canon MP610 I think it is…runs without any problems at all.


I just bought a Canon iP5000 from Craigs List for $20. It will be a backup to my wife’s iP4000 that she uses to print mostly photos. CL is a great place to find deals on old Canon printers.


Nice deal! I still have a ip4200 going strong. With generic ink (filled with syringes) I don’t bother with photos but its good enough for CD/DVD printing. Duplexing works well and the paper tray is great for keeping the paper flat.


One of the best deals I got on a Canon printer was on ebay for an N2000. I bought it for $100 (with two paper trays) and then sent it to Canon who sent me a refurbished unit for $300. For a total investment of $400 I had a $2,000 commercial grade inkjet printer. It uses compatible cartridges that cost $16 each but that gets 80ml color (C, Y, M) cartridges and a whopping 130ml black cartridge. It has a print head rated at 50,000 pages which is more than I am likely to ever use. I use it mostly for 11"x17" color exhibits and black and white engineering drawings.