Suggestions for a new test burner

I currently have a NEC 2500a @ 1.07Hv2b4 and a NEC 1000a @ HP300i3.20. I’d like to get a burner to do DVD quality testing. I’d like some recommendations on what to buy so I can run K-probes and CD/DVD Speed 3.0 PI/PO scanning. I will continue to burn mostly on my 2500a, but would like what ever I buy for testing to also be decent burner too.

The new burner would be for reading/ripping and testing. Any suggestions? Please.

LiteOn is the best for running Kprobe. Look into the 812s.

The BenQ drives have good burning quality and can do PI/PO scans in CD/DVD Speed 3.0!

The LiteOn 451S is a good option. Good for KProbes, upgradable, very cheap, etc. :slight_smile:

What about the NU 082?
{NU Technology 8X DVD+RW/-RW Drive, Model DDW-082 BLK}
I like it’s ability to do all the tests in CD/DVD Speed 3.0.
Seems the lite on cannot do Jitter test and the Benq won’t report PIFs (PO).
Two important notes on Benq drives at the moment:

  1. PIFs do not get reported.
  2. Scan speed is locked to somewhere just a little above 1.5x so scans take a while

How is the NU 082 as a reader?

Thanks, Michael


My Nu drive reports significantly higher error rates than the LiteOn, also it only scans in CAV, and seems to report errors in weird sized ECC blocks. All in all not a worthy drive IMHO.

Also, doesn’t the Benq only report PI?