Suggestions for a new Mp3 player?

can anyone recommend a good mp3 player that has around 20 gb of space or so… my previous one (INIO - off brand from compusa) was great but it just died over christmas break… i got it for $99 on clearance, and would love to keep it similar in specs to that one… it doubled as a portable hard drive and all i had to do was drag and drop files onto it to play them…

are they any other mp3 players out there like this that dont involve using a certain format or compression (ipod and atrac crap need not apply)… thanks for the help in advance!

I think Creative Labs and Sandisk have nice product lines. Unfortunately, Sandisk doesn’t seem to have that large a unit.

I have had interest in the COWON players simply because they support multiple formats. I have never seen one for sale in a local store. I’d like to check one out. They look promising.

But alas, I got an iPod nano 8GB for Christmas. Not that bad, but would like to see it support FLAC, OGG… if not on the player, at least in iTunes. I don’t hate iPods, I prefer flash based players and the nano is pretty nice. Not at all impressed with the hard disc iPods. Can’t understand why anyone would tolerate watching a video on a 2½" screen.