Suggestions for a decent scanning drive wanted!

Well, I’ve got a Pioneer DVR-115D burner but I need something that’s decent at scanning, running tests in Nero CD-DVD Speed, etc.

Just a reader, really.

I had a few Lite-Ons and they all died pretty quickly so I’m no longer a fan of them, nor Sony - bar that I’d love to hear from people’s sugegstions of other brands. I must stress however, that it must be available in black to match my tower other drives in my tower. :slight_smile:

A burner is the better choice, and the price difference is really really slim.

Well, if burners make better scanners then so be it.

Still, looking for suggestions!

LiteOn (sorry), or if you can still find one, a BenQ 1640/50/55 would be my choices.

Currently I’m using a LiteOn LH-20A1H (as a dedicated scanner/reader, so it doesn’t get much burning action).

Have a look at this thread, only a few lines down from this one, where Dee also mentions a new Optiarc. :wink:

I shall look.

Can I ask if LGs are any good? I’m interested in them because they can rip GC & Wii games for backing up.

Only very special LG DVD Rom drives are able to read GC & Wii discs and they are expensive and hard to get (no longer in production).
In addition, LGs are useless scanners.

Go for a LiteOn DH-20A4P

Nah there are some newer LG drives which work - there’s a guy on AfterDawn testing out all these drives.

Still, if LGs are useless scanners then I’ll not bother.

Off to look at Optiarc & BenQs, and if I HAVE to, Lite-Ons.

Thanks guys, I’ll post back once I’ve looked.