Suggestions for a decent headset

Hello everybody :bigsmile:

I recently got a Sandisk Clip+ player, but the headset included in the box is not exactly good (it definitely suxx actually :bigsmile: ). Using these the music is merely audible even at max volume.

I read about a lot of people complaining for this issue, and it seems that the only solution is to get a decent headset. Some people suggest to install the Rockbox firmware, but I can’t see how a different firmware can rise music volume :confused: and btw I don’t want to mess up with Rockbox :disagree:

Any suggestions? I’m not an audiophile, so I don’t need something costing a thousand of bucks. I only need something decent to listen for my music.

Editing the audio normalizing it is not a solution I want to use, because normalizing destroy audio quality. The Clip+ equalizer is pretty useless; and I already tried to use all presets but music volume is still low.

I don’t know if it is important, but even if I listen for many different music, from pop to jazz to bluegrass to disco music etc, the most played genre is certainly classics (Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and so on).

Price is also important (is very improbable that I’ll be able to afford something costing more than €50-60, but if is really worth I may consider a more costly purchase).

I read user feedback about some Sennheiser models, and I was surprised to find that the most common complaint is not on audio quality but about fragility :eek: A lot of people complain about the headset becoming damaged very quickly, so I’m not sure a Sennheiser will be a good choice :doh:

I’d like to get some in ear headphones, but there is a very important detail to consider: I wear glasses, so I need something that must not be used like this, because it is very uncomfortable for me.

Any suggestions?

Thanks :slight_smile:

What kind of headset are you looking for? I would guess that you want some in-ear headphones, right?
With 50Eur you should be able to get some nice headphones from AKG and Sennheiser, you can also look at pioneer/panasonic and maybe denon. If you ask where is SONY? I can say close to the thrash, the same place that i also put some philips stuff :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=vroom;2601043]If you ask where is SONY? I can say close to the thrash, the same place that i also put some philips stuff :)[/QUOTE]

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for answer :slight_smile:

Sennheiser seems indeed the most affordable brand (I checked at Amazon) but a lot of people complained about being fragile (except for hi price models of course :doh: )

for CX-500B there is a high risk to get a fake.

for the CX-300 the main problem seems the high fragility.

and so on… My wallet doesn’t allow me to get a high price model, so I have to find the best compromise.

I checked in local stores, but other than philips and sony there is nothing decent (mostly in prices) :doh:

Well, my Sennheiser look and feel fragile, but so far i didnt have any serious issues. You can wait a few more days to see if another member has anything different to offer, if not, then you will probably have to compromise.

One, if not the worst headphones i ever had are the ones that came with my mobile LG phone, i still have them :frowning: i hope that would have the time and money to get some new ones very soon.

Currently the CX300 are at the top of list (mostly because of price :o ).

The Sennheiser IE 6 seems also very interesting, but I have some doubts about how easily these can be used.

I quite like my Sony earbuds. All 3 models I have are decent, though I must admit I am partial to the now out-of-production MDR-EX71SL buds. Then come the MDR-XB40EX (part of the line meant to provide extended bass response), though they might have been replaced by now.

I can’t say I have any more or less trouble out of those pairs than the Klipsch Image S4 buds. One thing I find important is to make sure that you have a proper seal. The Klipsch can provide that, but they seem to be so closed to air that inserting them improperly puts a bit of (painful) pressure on my inner ear.

I think I could not get used to a fairly cheap pair of Denon buds. Ideally, they would have been good, but I think they simply proved uncomfortable after extended use (possibly because they, too, seemed highly airtight). I didn’t know any special techniques to put earbuds in back then, though, and I can’t seem to find them to try again. But they definitely sounded good to my ears.

Thanks Albert :slight_smile:

Reading some reviews I found that Sennheiser indeed provides a large amount of fitting accessories, so it should be easy to find the right measure.

Reading reviews made also me more confused :stuck_out_tongue: Some reviews on the same products are discording, so I think that there is a very high amount of subjectivity about performance.

The only general agreement I found is that anyway Sennheiser produces good performing products, and that is not that difficult to get a better performance compared to the default headset provided in the Clip+, so what I need to find is the best fit for my ears, and this is pretty difficult without testing personally earbuds :doh:

Currently the CX300 is still at top of my list, but I’m curious to check a couple of local stores here to see if I can find something :slight_smile:

There is another thing that made me curious: many people complained that headsets provided with a volume control are more prone to become damaged. Anyone had such experiences?

[I]Tl;dr version[/I]: don’t worry about stuff breaking unless it’s a manufacturing flaw, and Sennheiser should be more than fine for you.

[I]Long version…[/I]
If I recount the experiences others have had:

For headphones with remote controls, the malfunction may cause the player to raise/lower volume on its own, or randomly switch songs/pause playback, or just causes the remote to not work.

For the inline volume control that doesn’t rely on the player (where you set the player to the maximum volume), I think it would simply cause failure to produce sound in one or both channels of audio.

How likely this is to happen depends on your intent to be active while wearing the earbuds/headphones. I have had a remote (on a much older Sony CD player) get glitchy after getting wet/dirty, but it still works. In another instance the original ear buds that came with my iPod shuffle (where you needed the remote to be on the earbuds to have any control) have yet to be affected by anything & still work fine.

Your mileage may vary. I tend to have issues with the strain relief at the headphone/earbud jack. Mostly the strain relief shield detaches from the plug & can slide freely along the rest of the cable (super glue fixes this), though on my oldest pair, I failed to get to it fast enough (so under an extreme bend, the sound may cut out).

I believe if you are cautious with your headphones (read: don’t abuse them, but don’t treat them like a fragile egg), you can usually avoid a major malfunction for quite some time.

And yes, it really IS difficult to understand how well things will fit without personally testing them. I found that my ears genuinely feel most comfortable with the Sony fit; I expected the Denon and a cheaper pair of Koss buds to fit the same, but they were more rigid and slightly larger (in addition to the Denon being air-tight). Luckily, the Klipsch are quite narrow and flexible, so I feel safe going with them again in the future.

Since Sennheiser has the many tips to get a better fit, and since I have only heard good things about them, I’d say you would be safe going with Sennheiser.

Dunno about buds, but I´m very happy with my Sennheiser PX200 headphones.
Come with a great hard case for transport too.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think that I’ll give a try to the CX300.

The PX 200 seems interesting, but I need a more portable option, something that can be put in the pocket :slight_smile: