Suggestions before purchasing computer

Hi . ive been saving money for a while now to buy a new computer.
Maximum cash i can spend is around 1100 euros(which is more or less 1500 usd).

Im buying the components one by one to build the computer myself at home.
This is the rig i have in mind:

-BOX:NZXT Trinity - 65 euros
-Power Supply:Tacens valeo smart 480W - 71 euros
-Motherboard:Asus P5B(Not the deluxe version) - 130 euros
-Processor:Intel Core2duo E6600 - 300 euros more or less
-Ram memory:2X1GB Kingston Valueram DDR2@667 - 150 euros
-Graphics card:Asus EAX1950PRO 256 MB(no crossfire) - 200 euros
-Hard Drive:Seagate S-ATA2 320GB 16 mb cache - 95 euros
-Optical Drive: DVDRW Pioneer DVR-111 - 34 euros
-Sound Card:Sound blaster audigy se - 35 euros

Total: 1097 euros more or less

So overall what do you think? the motherboard and memory is not the best for overclocking but if i do any overclocking it would be quite low so i dont care much… and about the power supply , do you think i have enough with it considering i might install another optical drive or hard disk in the future?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Seems like a good selection. I read a couple quick reviews on the Tacens, I’m not familiar with it, the reviews say its pretty good, but do not hint on long term quality. If you can get Seasonic in your area, then I would consider it.

If you were looking to shave a few euro and wanted better overclocking potential, consider the gigabyte S3 (cheaper and better OC potential), also instead of 2gb ram go with just a 1gb stick (something like Gskill HZ ram) then in the future add the second stick. You could also get the e6400 cpu which will OC like crazy. With the money saved get a quality heat sink/fan, like the thermaltake big typoon. :slight_smile:

Another worthy overclocker, apparently, is the Core Duo E4300 - since it starts with a lower FSB, it can overclock by quite a margin without needing “exotic” FSB speeds, though generally not as high a terminal overclock as a 6300/6400 on a motherboard capable of the exotic speeds.

With Intel HD Audio, not sure I’d bother with a sound card, especially as the support for soundcard acceleration features seems to be rather ambiguous in Vista (assuming you plan on Vista?)

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Actually, what kind of tasks do you want your new machine to do?
Could make a difference where you concentrate your money…
Some things may require lots of cpu
other things lotsa RAM
maybe the Graphics card is more or less important

This could help the freaks to give you tips in the best direction

Actually, I’ve been reading that the e4300 has not been the best budget OC’er that many have hoped. You can read more at xtremesystems forums