Suggestions and opinions plz with a new burner

Hello everyone.I have a plextor 12/10/32a.I was looking around and seen the replyies and saw that I will have problems with the new games whith safe disk2.So I decided to get a new one.I dont have many stores around just a walmart about 20 miles next biggest town is about 100 miles away so I paid a visit to wallmart and they had the gce-8320b and gce-8240b and I seen on this thread that some lg’s will do safedisk 2 and that the LG GCE-8320B may be questionable.And well i looked in the right spot they had a lg GCC-4320B.Its a 32x10x40 cd-rw drive with a 16x dvdrom drive.Well I was about to get it but changed my mind cuase i seen it might be questionable cuase it looks just like the gce-8320b.I went to cloncd’s website and they dont have it posted I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they thought of it and if it was worth getting.Is lg any good.I have always bought pretty good stuff for my computer and never have bought a cheaper brand but i know the cost of cdrws and all of that is going down and I would like to have a dvd too cuase I have never had one.But I would appreciate any suggestions and advice.I was looking to spend from 150-200 but that was 104 and that is real good in my opinion but i dont know lg.I would appreciate any advice or suggestions.

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Where are you located? Can’t you order online? You’ll get the best burners at the lowest prices. Over US100 for a 32X burner? That’s steep.

Last week the day after Thanksgiving (I was in the States at the in-laws at the time), you could get a Lite-ON clone (Verbatim) 48125W burner for $9.98 at Staples, another at 19.98 at Circuit City (after mail-in rebate of $50). Only thing is you had to line up way before opening time (7:00 AM). I came in at 7:30, the door crasher specials were practically all gone, and there was a huge lineup at tha cash registers. I did manage to get some Optimum 48CD-Rs (CMC) for -$0.06 after mail-in rebate :smiley:

In my opinion your best bet on-line would be

My advise to you would be to get either a Lite-On or Asus CDRW. they seem to be the best supported burners on the market today and I have had no problems with my Lite-On since I bought it a couple days ago. Hope this helps!!!

P.S: Are you from Canada?