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Marginal burn results with Fuji branded DVD+R 16x media (Prodisc R05) with SH-S162L TS06. SH-W162C TS10 had no problems burning this media properly with nice results (3.77/0.28/95 = PIE/PIF/QS) in only 5:35 vs 5:56 with this burner. The problems again seem to be bad WOPC calibrations which are hit and miss.


The WOPC calibration issues mentioned are visible in other burns with this drive with less serious issues, posted in the TS05 firmware update thread. In less serious cases it simply caused consistently elevated jitter beyond the WOPC calibration point, from which it never recovered.


Bad results with TYG03on SH-S162L TS06, eerily similar to the SH-W162C TS11 results but with a much higher PIE rate but identical POF errors. PIF total and rate was very similar. TS-H552U fails on this media as well, albeit with flying colors.

This particular media is shiny silver unbranded media from I have had sub-100 total PIF burns with this media on LG burners in 5:16 - 5:19 burn times so this is clearly not a media quality problem. Quality scores on other burners are 97-98 without fail except with all of these Samsung burners mentioned (using latest firmwares available).


WOPC calibration problems seem to be affecting the above burn as well.


I was so excited, finally a Samsung that burns GSC003 (Cursor branded) at full speed and with beautiful quality like LG…then suddenly it blew up at the end just like the TYG03. Prior to the failure, qs was 99 and PIE rate was barely above 1.


Another thing for Samsung:

A new firmware for SH-W162L should be released which supports the following media with higher speed.

  • Infodisc-R20 with TS03 only 4x
  • Optodisc R16 with TS03 only 8x
  • Prodisc F02 with TS03 only 8x


Got a major problem with Verbatium 16x DVD-R and the Samsung SH-S182D, SB02 firmware.

About 40% of the time, the burns freeze part way through. 9%, 90%, 45%, it seems random.

Burn speed is set to 18x.

Burn software used has been: CDSpeed, Nero 6.6, CopyToDVD, and ImgBurn 2.0.

Same problem with all, and ONLY on these discs. Verbatium 16x DVD+R’s @ 18x don’t freeze, but the quality is less than desirable.

The Verbatium DVD-R’s burn fast & have great quality…but I’ve wasted quite a few discs so far :frowning:


sh-s182d SB04 burns 4x MAX with 8x dvd-r rated traxdata valuepack discs.
Yet discs burn 8x in pioneer 111d.


Traxdata is no reliable media. Also the 111 is out a really longer time.

Just use better media.


Why we cannot find Firmware for TSST TS-L632B in the website of Samsung ODD? about 20% of laptops in the market have this!


Have you an Samsung Laptop?
Most likely not; [B]the OEM has to provide support[/B].


I would like to see a new firmware that supports bitsetting DVD+R to DVD ROM.


I know that this is an old post, but just to fix some misunderstandings:

Even some Samsung laptops have this TS-L632B.
For example the Samsung X20 XVM 1730 II model.
It comes with firmware TM31 and Samsung’s laptop department officially doesn’t have a firmware upgrade unless you explicitly request it, however a firmware upgrade TM32 (slave) has been leaked last year ago.

There’s also the TO33 (master, IIRC) and TF33 (unknown) firmware for TS-L632B (in Toshiba laptops?, but TO33 works in Samsung laptops too if the hard drive that is on the same IDE bus has been jumpered before).



All recent Samsung half height drives do this out-of-the-box.

@all others: [B]please stay on topic[/B]. If in doubt, read the first post of this thread. :cop:



I have a SH-S183L. Need more firmware updates please.

My drive (firmware=SB01) does not have bitsetting out of the box. Will you add it to new firmware please.


Fire your “webmaster” for allowing access to firmware updates for IE users only.


Let me second that, this is not 1990 and pop up windows telling me stories about Internet Explorer and 800x600 pixels are a shame as well as utilizing ActiveX for firmware checks :confused:

One more point, please shorten the spin-down time or reduce the drive speed when a new CD/DVD is inserted. My TSST SH-183A (sold as Samsung btw) drives me crazy everytime I insert a disc or reboot my system and updating from SB02 to SB03 didn’t help. Sad enough I cannot use one of those tools to reduce it on my own because I couldn’t find one for Linux.


Higher burn speed of Yuden T02 for 203B drives. It burns great with patched firmware, why not have it official?


Bitsetting for other than DVD+R, including configuration that sticks.

Better WOPC (I guess), as my MCC 004 media will not write properly on my 203B at default settings. It creates massive errors at the ends of the disc, as it tries to write this media at 18X. It should either default to 16X or notice via WOPC that things are going awry at the end of the disc.

To be honest, Lite-Ons system of WOPC+disc learning seems to be superior to what many ODD vendors provide. On other drives, updating firmware frequently is required to maintain best media compatibility and speeds, while on the Lite-Ons, they learn new media quite well.

Oh, and a firmware updater file format (not .EXE), so that updating can be done outside of DOS/Windows more easily.

Other than that, I’m quite happy with my 203B. Great stuff Samsung.


Just decompress the .exe file with latest 7-zip beta version and you have firmware file and flasher separately :wink: