Suggestions and Feedback for Pioneer

This sticky thread is where you can post your suggestions and feedback for Pioneer - things like features you would like to see and problems you would like corrected.

CDFreaks works very closely with many of the drive manufacturers now. Reviewers feedback problems that they find during the reviews and quite often they are fixed before the review is finalized. This is just an extension of that, so that the manufacturers can see what problems users are experiencing and what features will sell more drives.

Some of the manufactures even read the forums but obviously, as we all well know, it’s a very time consuming task to read all of the threads. So the intention of this thread is to create a central point for all suggestions and feedback that the manufacturers can easily read.

This sticky thread is common to all the Optical Drive forums now and through our Review Coordinators and Reviewers I will ask if they can try to encourage the manufacturers to read these threads.

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1.) Please fix the 16x CAV bug on the Pioneer 109 during leadout.

2.) increase CD burning speeds to at least 48x.

CD burning speed at 48x MAX would be enough for me. Most important, IMHO, more than 48x is just like “chasing for trouble” even if you have got good CD media. :wink:

A firmware update for the the Pioneer DVR-110-D allowing 5X writing for DVD-RAM would be nice!

As your drives now seem to do their best burns on +R, add bitsetting so we don’t have to run to Baffalo.

Make Blu-ray PC drive release time earliest possible please and don’t forget to include at least one SATA version! :slight_smile:

Fix the erratic report of PI/PO errors levels! As is, this feature of recent Pioneer drives is rather useless, it does more harm than good to users who scan their media because most of them have no way to “guess” that the error levels reported are pretty erratic.

My opinion: implement it better or stop implementing it…

BUMP! :iagree:

DVD+R SL of course… :flower:
They did it with DVD+R DL media… Why not DVD+R SL media

Seems a fancy from Pioneer… Maybe payment of Royalties to Phillips/Sony?

Most of DVD players from Panasonic/Toshiba and older players doesn’t support DVD+R media without DVD-ROM booktype…

I smoother tray design or improved quality control would be nice as both of my DVR-109 and DVR-110D drive trays vibrate in an unhealthy way most of the time when the tray is retracted by pressing the button. My DVR-110D is about 3 days old so I can confirm it has done it since new.

Reading of all DVD-Ram media (1-5X) at 5x, Panasonic/Matsushita DVD-Ram compatibily

Falling unrecognized 16x media back to a miserable 4x is unacceptable. Better 16x media support, or at least an 8x fallback mode is needed, just so long as acceptable 8x generic strategy results could be achieved.

Reading of all DVD-Ram media (1-5X) at 5x, Panasonic/Matsushita DVD-Ram compatibily (DVR-110)

Even DVD-RAM has revisions. 2nd sentence why? Have you tried it??

Falling unrecognized 16x media back to a miserable 4x is unacceptable.

Oh man, I don’t believe it. We also have MCSE, BTW.

My Verbatim and Panasonic 3x DVD-Ram media have that identical media code:
Matsushita Electronic industrial co. ltd
My DVR-110BK can’t write correctly to that media. It burns only with 2x speed, and the result is very bad. 3 DVR-110D, the DVR-110 him self and two Panasonic DMR-E 500 stand alone players can’t read the recordings from the DVR-110 with that media error free.
With Maxell 3x DVD-Ram media all is fine! (media ID: MXL8)

This is 2x and 3x capable and specified media, not 3x.

And the DVR-100BK read and write that media only at 2X! Ever LG burn and read that media at 3x!

Never seen that drive anyway. prust

Verbatim 32x CD-RW’s needs some work on the DVR-110D, results with firmware 1.37 are provided below. With firmwares 1.22 and 1.17 the drive couldn’t even init a full erase on this media so it’s an improvement but obviously the C2 errors are a serious problem.

The burn strategy isn’t too impressive either, taking 3:58 to create this disc. An LG 4163B burn this media at 24x completes in 3:34 with far better quality. A previous burn attempt on garbage Memorex branded Infodisc 24x CD-RW media burned in 4:02. If the burn quality is going to be this ugly, Pioneer might as well burn these in 24x mode as the 32x zone is where all the C2 errors occurr, and jitter is elevated significantly as well. Overall jitter is quite nice for this media, so kudos to Pioneer for that element of this firmware.

On the DVR-110D 1.37 full erases of Verbatim 24x CD-RW seem to be problematic in initializing under CD-Speed 4.10 as well. I found that opening and closing CD-Speed finally got it to start, so this could be a CD-Speed bug.

Tried with DVDInfoPro?

Now all my DVR-110(D) can read and write to/from Verbatim and Panasonic 3x DVD-Ram with 3X speed since Firmware 1.37
Matsushita Electronic industrial co. ltd
The new 5x DVD-Ram from Panasonic (M01J5006 - duble side 9.4 GB type4) work fine with 5x speed now!