Suggestions and Feedback for NEC / Optiarc



This sticky thread is where you can post your suggestions and feedback for NEC - things like features you would like to see and problems you would like corrected.

CDFreaks works very closely with many of the drive manufacturers now. Reviewers feedback problems that they find during the reviews and quite often they are fixed before the review is finalized. This is just an extension of that, so that the manufacturers can see what problems users are experiencing and what features will sell more drives.

Some of the manufactures even read the forums but obviously, as we all well know, it’s a very time consuming task to read all of the threads. So the intention of this thread is to create a central point for all suggestions and feedback that the manufacturers can easily read.

This sticky thread is common to all the Optical Drive forums now and through our Review Coordinators and Reviewers I will ask if they can try to encourage the manufacturers to read these threads.

When you post in this thread, please follow the below rules. If your post fails to meet these rules it will be deleted without warning or notification!

[ol][li]No flaming, complaints and/or praises. Only serious feedback and suggestions.
[/li][li]When posting feedback and/or suggestions, be detailed. Comments like “improve the firmware” will not do.
[/li][li]No questions, use the main NEC forum for questions.
[/li][li]Again, no flaming! If you have a problem with your NEC drive, post in the NEC Forum. If you have a problem with someone’s post, either report the post or contact me.[/ol]Rules may be added and/or changed later.
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What will be done with all of the suggestions posted down here? Will you offer them to NEC direct? I want to know before posting suggestions.


if sombody posts here a suggestion about a pi/pif error firmware the flame comes… so why this threat? there would be no drive thats “the holy grale” :wink:


I’d like to see manual bitsetting on stock firmwares for DVD+R and DVD+RW - although this would probably mean that there’s nothing left for me to be patched :o


Suggestion: LightScribe


If you write it they will come. :wink:

I’ve updated the first post to answer this.


Own tools from NEC (like BookType Management v8.4 and QSuite from BenQ) to make your own adjustments to the drive.


1.) Don’t tease people with firmware you never plan to release.

2.) Allow firmware bitsetting of DVD+R & RW (I don’t really care about RW, but why not), and make a tool to do it.

3.) Steal Dee’s firmware tweaks, and use them in your firmwares :iagree: .

4.) Make more clearance between the tray and the bezel. (In my friend’s compuke case, the drive below doesn’t have enough room, so it pushed the bezel up, and it catches the tray. So I had to take the bezel, and shave a little off of it with an X-acto knife to make clearance :doh: . It’s not like it moved it much either, less than half a mm.)

5.) Make the bottom of the drives FLAT so they don’t catch on other drives while trying to put them in, and eliminate all the small holes so dust won’t get in. :Z

6.) Bundle NERO with your drives instead of the JUNK you’re using now!

7.) Work on your drives’ reading abilities, especially error correction (scratches/bad burns), and speed (faster ripping for DVD 9 pressed media).

8.) Get more vendors to carry your drives, and sell retail versions @ Circuit City, Best Buy, and Staples under the NEC name.

9.) Don’t make the drive light the IDE activity LED the whole time it’s doing something, make it blink like other drives. (Not a big deal, but if it’s easy to do, PLEASE)

10.) Make a set top DVD recorder like Ben-Q’s. :bigsmile:


all good points

i agree with you ;):iagree: :iagree:


I wish two things were changed on these NEC drives …update the firmware code so the IDE light doesn’t light all the time the drive is in use AND green light when reading red when burning.




Better reading performance so as to minimize/eliminate redundance/reading errors.

Awesome drives except for the reading errors from moderately scratched disks etc.


Me too. I don´t like the IDE light lighting all the time when the drive is in use. I see this on my NEC ND-3540A.



Using an ND-3520A.

  • Leave the IDE activity led alone – the drive has its own LED, so it doesn’t need to take over the global one (I like knowing how much hard-drive activity there is while writing discs).

  • Improve, if possible, reading speed for RW media.



For ND-3540A. Improve +RW, -RW and +RDL writing quality.



And for future drives. Include support for Mount Rainier for both CD and DVD rewritable media.



Red LED for burning! :slight_smile:


Another “met too”!! :iagree:


On my ND-3500A with firmware 2.1A, I find that any DVD-R media burned at 16x, whether certified or with overspeed support, produces POF errors at 16x. All of the same media burns fine at 12x. I have so far confirmed the problem with Sony 08D1, Optodisc R016, and CMC AM3 media codes. The same media burns without POF’s on my other burners that support them at 16x such as my DVR-109 and DW1620. I had the same experiences with firmware 2.19, although PIF rates are impressively lower on 2.1A.

My NEC will burn DVD+R media at 16x without POF’s on discs such as Prodisc R04, Ricoh R03 (both with the best 16x results of any of my drives), and TY T02 so it doesn’t appear to be a defective drive.


make a firmware that does better cd/cdrw writting…as i see, everybody talks about dvd’s. but i think cd’s neeed attention too…