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I do used the GSA-H10N and GSA-H42N and both are annoying noisy, when I insert any disc in the drive it seems that the disc spins up to maximum speed all the time even without reading data from the discs and produce too much internal heat in my opinion, and jitter correction doesn’t work for audio CDs when using 10x read speed in the H42N I don’t know why



Why the Lightscribe drives H55L and H62L don’t come to Europe?


LG DVD drives are very faulty. Lots of people have broken LG Drives.


I would love LG to post bitsetting utility like Liteon to work on their drives. Alternatively, pls re-enable bitsetting in all future drives.

Also, I own a desktop DVD player - pls allow playing of DVD movies burnt onto DVD+RW media. I really do not see the logic if the drive can read and write DRD+RW but refuse to play DVD movies unless written onto DVD-ROM.

Yesterday, I decided to buy a cheap DVD player made in china - it plays my DVD movies burnt onto DVD-RW beautifully and its HALF the price!

Bitsetting does not cost LG much - it was available in previous models - why remove it?


They can’t even get new firmware out for the H62L, so it is no surprise to me that releasing the drive in Europe is a problem for them.

This drive has been out for a few months now; there ARE known initialization issues with the H62N for some people, and the fact that LG has failed to release new firmware is ridiculous. Any day now, LG…

LG’s firmware support is very poor, to say the least.


I think DL+ needs improving.


This page is about 2yr old.

Might I be so bold to suggest crumbling & tossing it?

All these great suggestions such as bitsetting & Qscan requests are being ignored…


If a drive doesnot or cannot be set to bitset; I don’t buy them. I have to have auto or the option to bitset. I have had LG burners in the past; But no more for me. I will use my Plextor, Sony, LiteOns, Mad Dogs and NECs.
Burn On,

PS. Let people know when bitsetting is posible on your drives!


I bought an LG drive and to my surprise just assuming that a drive that otherwise seemed to do everything would have capability to set booktype I was dissapointed to find out it can’t. Would love to see a firmware update for my LG H50N to allow bitsetting.


Better SATA-Interface compatibility for SATA drives and more Media and slow burning servo support, please.


Its been said already but:

Improve write quality on cheaper media
Add proper disc quality scanning
Auto bitsetting to dvd rom as an option


Faster reading of MCC media.


how to check quality scanning for BH10LS30?


In my experience,
I have seen lg drive h22n, h55l, h58l, and others, break or became defective after a few years (4-5 years).
The writing quality of lg dvd-rw (but not blue-ray drive wich are better as far as i know) is slightly lower than other brands such as pioneer, nec\optiarc, but it’s not so bad.
Now I have one lg h22np20 from about 2 years and it works fine, for now!
I have also pioneer 109, wich is a very bad reader, not mine particularly, but all 109 are bad readers, but their burning fine.
The dvd-r and dvd+r burned with pio 109,
scanned with a tsst l633c, yes, i know that it’s not very good as drive for checking writing quality, I use it only for compare dvd burned using different drive,
have a slightly better quality than those burned using lgh22np20.


Support for quality scans.
LG is highly crippled at quality scanning.

More information: