Suggestions and Feedback for LG



Again: Scanning.

Nice to have:
SolidBurn-like stuff.
Cartridge support (?)
Mt. Rainier.
DVD+RW booktyping.
Auto booktyping.

Then, the LGs would be killer drives! :slight_smile:


I also would like to see some type of quality scanning implemented into the drive to make it a more competative all rounder. The quality can also be pants at times compared to the rivals so a slight improvement in write quality will make the LG one of the best drives again. For now its not. in my opinion :bigsmile:


Ok so i say, give a new fw for 4167b:)any1 know if there will be new fw for this drive or is this drive to old for fr upgrade


As far as I can tell, the last firmware update for this drive was DL13 (LG) or DJ13 (Hitachi). Haven’t seen anything newer since then :frowning:




Even the Blu-ray group gave up cartridge-based Blu-ray because of manufacturing and handling cost problem. The last DVD-RAM drive maker to support cartridge-based DVD-RAM was Matsushita and they can’t go back to revive cartridges when the average OEM cost of “Super Multi” drives has fallen to around US$25. Adding DVD-RAM cartridge support alone would cost at least a few dollars to every drive manufactured.

Meanwhile, I haven’t seen any updated news about LG’s 4x or later-generation Blu-ray writer. Too bad the ODD industry moves too slowly.


H22N has UDMA4 doesn’t it? Because it seems to in my PC.

I agree that error scanning would be good to have. Cartridge support isn’t needed since no DVD-RAM media uses it anymore. Mt rainier is something I have heard alot but I have honestly never ever used it and I don’t think many ppl do. I agree with your other ideas though.

LG have made some great drives, with just a little extra they would be the undisputed king of DVD drives.


That will never happen… :slight_smile:


Could be, but my post is already half a year old, and I have not seen a H22N at that time :slight_smile:

Again: I want scanning.
(And a learning mode.)

LG, don’t make your drives spiky! :stuck_out_tongue:
Plextor made the same mistake with their 755 and 760 drives.

LGs would be the perfect allround drives with a few changes.


Received my brand new [B]LG GSA-H22L[/B] retail burner a few days ago. Great burner! I love it! I suggest the following impovements; (most important first):

  1. [B]12x DVD-RAM Media:[/B] LG advertise a lot its DVD-RAM features and they won my heart. I wish they put some pressure on DVD-RAM media manufacturers to provide 12X DVD-RAM disc soon in North America! I purchased this drive mainly for its DVD-RAM 12X feature. The already difficult to get 5x DVD-RAM media speed is too slow to be really useful.
  2. [B]Firmware update:[/B] Improved Video-DVD speed to reach 16X.
  3. [B]Firmware update:[/B] If possible implement Mt-Rainier for writing also. This drive already supports Mt-Rainier (MRW) READ. And I suspect this is an hardware feature and MRW Write could be unlock by BIOS update.
  4. For next generation drives I would like a led that glows
    [B]GREEN[/B] = Reading State. [B]RED[/B] = Burning State.
    And why not a third glow color when performing simulation or for another function!

[B]Life’s Good[/B]


To LG’s Firmware Development Engineers.

Is it possible to add regular calibration events to CLV portions of 8X and 12X burns to try to improve disc quality during that portion of the burn, particularly PIF and Jitter levels.

Most burns on good media turn out well, but we always want better. :bigsmile:


I would expect, that LG adds more media codes in their firmware, not only for good quality media, but also for cheapos. I have GSA-H22L, and burn results with eProformance DVD+RW 4x, made by Prodisc, are no match for my older burner TSSI SH-W162C.
So, my suggestion is: Please test and add writing strategies for more media, not only the best on market, like TY and Ricoh, but also for massmarket like Prodisc, Optodisc, CMC, Moser Baier. Look what LiteOn does for their drives - they test everything and continuously improve their firmware, that’s why LiteOn-s are legendary for burning reliability with all grades of media.


More media codes for the older drives like 4163B. 4167B and the newer drives have lot more media codes in their firmware, but the older drives should also get firmware update with more media codes supported like CMC MAG, Prodisc and other massmarket (cheap) media.


dont count on this:)


Please, LG drives should have had DVD scanning capabilities…


i believe LG should’ve learnt by now that they [B]MUST [/B]supply their burners with Scan capabilities!!! yeah… like if they come here at all!!! or if they even care to listen to their customers anyway!!!


was here any feedback ever from lg?:slight_smile:


sure :)… they sent: [B]“Go F*** Yourselves customers!!! if u wanna scan, go get a litey!!!” :stuck_out_tongue: [/B]


… or other drive than lg:)this are topic about our wishes:)


I agree with this feature, it would be valuable to LG customer
and please improve GSA-H44N cd/dvd write quality and read speed