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Daxon AZ3 (BenQ branded) is still not burning correctly with 4167B DL13.


Well burn time is nearly 10 secs faster, error rates are about 30% lower across the board and jitter has dropped signifiantly (nearly 1%) versus DL12, but now there are POF errors with DL13 on this Philips branded CMC AM3 media… :frowning:


I burned a disc of the above media on my PX-716A 1.09 which produces the best results for this media of any drives I have tested. Second, I attached a comparison of the same media burned in the PX-716A 1.09 in Memorex branded form to give you an idea of the relative media quality under equivalent conditions. Note that the PX-716A refused to attempt 16x at all on this media, unlike the Memorex branded discs. So these aren’t top notch CMC AM3, but it looks like DL13 is pushing the speed threshold a bit too far, waiting a bit too long to adapt for media quality.

These discs burn properly without any speed variation @ 16x on my DW1655 BCDB and my DVR-110D 1.39. The DW1655’s results were near identical (all readings within 5-10%) to the Plextor’s, so this appears to be the ultimate quality level of these discs. The DVR-110D’s results were similar to the 4167B DL13 disc, but with 25% less PIE’s.


Nice to see this Philips branded media actually burns at 16x when 16x is selected compared to DL12, and PIE’s are down by about 2/3 with nearly 2% lower average jitter. Unfortunately there is still a substantial trouble spot between the OPC checks where the jitter is sustained at around 15%. 4163B A106 burns this media much better, with 1/4 the PIF rate and about 30% less PIE’s.


I am afraid they haven’t… the “skipping” audio on some players (like my Pioneer car stereo) hasn’t been solved by DL13…


It would be nice if LG could fix the problems with the Prolific-Chipsets (USB and Firewire):


Quote: “…I am unable to create audio cd’s…
…and i am also not able to burn Audio-CDs.”

I have a 4167 with DL13 and burning Audio-CDs still isn’t working.


This is a separate issue from other reported audio-cd burning problems. It has something to do with a combination of the firmware and bridgeboard firmware in the external casing. If you use the drive internally, you should be able to burn audio-cds.

The real expert in this area is Beefjerky. In the very post you quoted, he did get it to burn audio-cds in the end :

The trade off is the maximum transfer rate problem which nobody has quite been able to solve yet.

I’m not sure LG will do anything about this. You probably won’t like this, but the fact is, they never intended people to use their internal drives in external cases. Doing that is sort of an unofficial use of an internal drive so I don’t think they are obliged to support it in any way.


Even though that’s exactly what most optical drive enthusiasts recommend. LG along with some other “major” optical drive manufacturers will perhaps never fix such things until they completely give up IDE/USB of the current specifications.


1/ Could LG do something about firmware availability through web ( for instance) and auto-update software ? I mean the 4163 A106 is not available through but is on lgodd site :

2/ Could the auto-update software works on every configuration ? I mean, an utility doing an internet connection and comparing two firmware releases should work on any PC. This little thing should not give “error 7” or “no firmware updates” on most configurations :a


Request support for New Fuji 16x speed DVD+R’s

media code PRODISC-R05-01 rated at 16x speed

Currently they can only burn at 4x speed on LG GSA-4166B.


LG should introduce a learning method for his burners…something like a “SolidBurn” or “AutoStrategy”…


Develop DVD Disc Quality Test capability with CD-DVD Speed or DVD Info. I have a LG 4167B DVD Buner with the latest Firmware DL13. I would like the next firmware version DL14 to have this option since I don’t feel like buying another DVD burner just to check the quality of my DVD Media. Hope LG will fix this in the next Firmware version as it would be awsome. If enough people want this feature maybe we can convince LG to start working on this for DL14 Firmware. We’ll cross our fingers and wait and see… :iagree:


slimtype (notebook) drives not represented
on LG sites - when it comes to manuals/firmware/

i can’t get one of these drives even to boot,
as it won’t let me change its ATA setting from
slave to master (on single channel & cable).


[B]DVD QUALITY SCANNING[/B] is what keeps the LG’s behind the pack in my opinion, so it would be nice to see how the dvds burned and not an estimate or a guide with benq/liteon/plextor drives.

[B]MEDIA LEARNING TECHNIQUES[/B]- Benq has one and its a great little feature that allows newer media to get good results even if the firmware is not due an update.

[B]ADVANCED BURNING QUALITY[/B] - From what ive seen, the benq and plextor leed the way on quality. the burners employ the own special advanced burning ways to allow quality at a reasonable speed.[B] LG is the speed King[/B], but lets make them the overall drive kings with second to none write quality.##

Thanx, hope this fall on some creative ears. :clap: :clap:


the new benq drives arent so good as 1620 was


u just can’t say that about my 1640 :disagree: :disagree:
maybe 1650 has some problems… but most of the 1640 critical errors has been fixed… if any :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


the BenQ DW1640 can hardly be called a ‘new’ drive


it’s new… as long as the box is still sealed :bigsmile: :bigsmile:… anyway… it’s Newer than 1620/1625… so loki could say… “the newer than 1640 benq drives arent so good as 1620 was” :p…


Sorry guys but this has sort of run out of topic. This thread is meant for suggestions to LG so please try not to post anything else in here.


I want a US$200 or cheaper LG Super [B]Blue Laser[/B] Multi drive. Or maybe a Super Multi II and a Super Multi III. :slight_smile: