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New, better adjusted firmware for GSA-2164D/2166D/4164B/4166B.
The jitter-values are very high (tested with media from Verbatim, TaiyoYuden, TDK, Ritek, Maxell, …).
Best values scanned with Benq DW1620 (B7W9) and CD-DVD-Speed 4.10:
Jitter avg.: 10,52 - 11,75 %
Jitter max.: 14,2 - 16,9%.
-> Many problems with different standalone-DVD-player.


Improvements to GSA-4167b firmware, the drive don’t burn a audio cd compatible with old sound systems!
See the link to know about this problem.


LG is #1 in use, it’s also the only one which never replied to emails from VSO. When NEC, Pioneer, Lite-ON, Plextor, and BenQ are quite nice to help us to support their newest drives and technologies, LG doesn’t feel concerned about alternative software developers. If any unmentioned manufacturer wants to collaborate to use this database or help VSO to provide better support, they may contact us (see contact section).

Improve your communication.


Provide quickly an official firmware update for LG 4166…

Some 1.01 firmware preinstalled in factory are buggy with original DVD (DVD not readable). Several 1.01 firmwares with different internal date exists !


I had a problem today with a previously used Optodisc W004 DVD-RW 4x media, which refused to full erase on my 4163B A105. Normally I can init a full erase on the most screwed up media by starting the erase in Nero Express and choosing the full erase option from the More -> Erase Disc function. In this case, the drive started the full erase, then stopped and ejected the disc. When I reinserted it into the drive, it hung both the drive (activity light flashing every second or so) and cd-speed as well as other IDE-related components like my VIA RAID tool.

The same operation completed normally on my DVR-110D 1.37. I will provide a quality test of the media after both a full erase, and test burn on both drives (hopefully) to provide further comparison. Needless to say this is a bit disappointing as LG’s have always been my drives to fix RW media with in the past.


Well the media isn’t in great shape and has an obvious defect but the 4163B A105 does have competitive error levels to the DVR-110D. Unfortunately it also drops a POF bomb on the defective area which the DVR-110D handles without anything but a PIF spike. So besides the initial handling of DVD-RW in partially corrupted states, the 4163B could also use some work keeping error spikes under control before they get out of hand and coaster the media. I’ll run the same tests on my 4167B DL12 with this disc and see if the newer gen. models are any smarter.


I emailed twice and got 2 answer from the same email admin

For assistance with your computer-related inquiry, please call our Computer Support Department at 1-800-243-0000 or 256-772-1515.
Please make sure your computer is accessible when you call in order for our technicians to assist you. Our Computer Support
Technicians are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Well I wished to have answers to my questions, I no need support to install the drive…
they could have put an auto-reply on the email side and would have been the same


As a followup to my earlier posting with the Optodisc W004 media, it also burned with similar quality and no POF’s on my DW1640 BSOB.

Here’s another media code (BenQ branded) in some serious pain with DL12 on the 4167B. I’ve posted a burn from the same spindle on the DW1640 BSOB to give you an idea what the media is capable of.

It also burned some low end Kodak DVD+R media (AML 001) very badly in comparison to my PX-716A 1.09, results are attached.

On the positive side, I will say that this drive does handle non-TY media using the TYG02 better than most any drive I have seen.


On the other hand, the 4120B A117 does not handle this Dataware DVD-R 8x media (TYG02 code) very well. PIE rates are comparable to other burners that handle this media well, but PIFs are out of control and there are POF’s even on this low speed 4x scan.


As you can see in the attached scan, CMC MAG AM3 media shows a consistent pattern of rather strange jitter fluctuations at some OPC points. The Philips branded media in this case is of noticeably lower quality than the Memorex branded disc I posted in the follow link, which exhibits the same OPC jitter variation:


With the 4163B’s A106 firmware CMC AM3 and Daxon 016S are still only supported at 4x, and this Daxon AZ3 media burns with terrible write quality. The same media burns fine on both my BenQ DW1640 BSOB and DW1655 BCAB. Kudos though on the excellent write quality on CMC M01.


Problems with this Optodisc printable white DVD-R 8x TYG02 code media as well, burned with 4163B A106 @ 8x.


Waiting for official releases of 1.02 LG GSA-4166 and 2166 firmwares :bow:

  • official releases of 1.02 for GSA-4164B / GSA-2164D :iagree:

  • a “.bin” firmware dumper (sometimes, dreams come true LOL !)


If anyone from LG is reading this, you should put some 12X dash media codes in your firmware, most people are burning at 12x with 16X media to get a better burn but your firmware does not support this. 12X dash is a very popular speed to burn and I think more people would like to have this option.


It looks like this media has gone downhill with A106 vs A105, quality score was 96 before though it took another 8 secs to write the test disc. Total PIF’s and the PIE error rate have both increased by a factor of five. Same system, same burner, same spindle of media (Memorex branded).


I’m not sure what the deal is here but I accidentally ran an 8x burn on my 8527B 1.03 of this Tacana branded 52x CD-R media and the jitter readings were through the roof! Jittter levels are ok when burned at the default speed of 52x (and in 2:27!). Excellent work in this new firmware LG, compared to 1.02 the burn time is 12 sec faster, C2 errors are gone, C1 rate is down almost 40% and jitter is nearly 1% better–as long as you burn at 52x it seems.


4163B A106 only supports Ritek F1 DVD-R 16x at 8x, and Prodisc R05 DVD+R 16x at 4x. This drive is in major need of updated media code support.


well, and again reassuring that Mt. Rainier should be supported!!! why the hell are all these DVD-Burner manufacturers ignoring Mt. Rainier!!!