Suggestions and Feedback for LG



Yes, scanning capabilities would be greatly appreciated. I will always choose a BenQ as my first drive (if I could only have one) because of this feature, as I MUST be able to evaluate the quality of my burns in some quantitative way. LG’s may be very reliable and generally have excellent burn quality, but they do choke quite badly on some lesser quality media and I really cannot evaluate this behaviour without my trusty BenQ’s. Without this feature, LG really does not have a hope of becoming the enthusiast choice regardless of how well they tune their firmware. I may sell them to my clients as reliable backup devices, but I will not trust them as my single choice for my first burner to decide what I will implement for people.

Despite your complaints about their CD error correction issues, kudos to LG on their excellent DVD error correction. I just recently got a messed up original DVD disc which I have been trying to rip and reburn so I can watch it smoothly in my DVD player. Most drives had severe problems reading the disc to any degree (tried on six recent Pioneer, Samsung and BenQ current models) if at all, whereas the LG’s (4163B and 4167B) scanned through most of the disc up until near the very end where it finally failed. Head and shoulders above my other drives, I was very surprised–it was a stunning difference.


well, i think it can hardly be noticed, unless combined with Error scanning capabilities, so you might actually see what your drive is really reading…
that reminds me of my temporarily-retired Mitsumi CRW-487 ETE CDRW drive… it was my perfect reader… CLEARLY SEEN IN CD-SPEED ERROR SCANS:iagree:


For GSA-4167B need to decrease minimum reading speed for CD from 10x to 1x
for precise audiograbing and reading old disks.


As all pie/pif test( i dont want to buy another drive!!!, i just replace my nec 3520a with lg 4167b, so i want to use it and test all burned dvd’s:) Riplock free. Overspeed of some media.Bitsetting dvd+rw.And there is a problem with some dvd’s burned in lg, my old nec (3520a letest bios)dosn’t want to see the disc (verbatim pastel)


ok, more suggestions (or demands :P)

  1. support Overburning for DVDs and CDs at ALL SPEEDS… it can overburn some Cds on some speeds, others not, and cant write/overburn my 99m Melody (SHENZHEN SGSAST DIGITAL OPTICAL DISCS CO.,LTD.) for more than 96minutes!!! and unfortunately, i have spindles of’em… so, back to my Lite-ON:rolleyes:

  2. a better overspeeding compatibility… example: Matrix DVD+R 4x MCC 003, are supported on 8X & 12X… but in both cases… COASTERS!!! 12X has tooooooooooo many PIFs, and 8X failes to write Lead out…ALWAYS… 4X… almost perfect…

  3. demanding lower reading speeds reaching 1x or 4x at least instead of 10X, so we can use the drive for reading extremely scratched discs or high C2 error cds, and for better compatibility with the old Cyanine CMC and Verbatim cds.

thats all 4 tday… and unfortunately, the GSA-4163b didn’t impress me much… u still need too much work ppl… i really appreciate the time ur spending trying to improve these things, but we need results afterall:bow:


Auto bitsetting


MCC003 has many PIF’s at only 12x and even fails at 8x? What kind of MCC003 is that? :rolleyes:


well, that’s a fake MCC i suppose… or even sure of…
Matrix DVD+R 4x… is the brand name… sure it’s not verbatim… just a fake verbatim…

but the disaster is when i write my REAL Verbatim DVD-R 16X MCC 03RG20 on a 16X Speed!!! the first was an unreadable coaster… and the second was full of PIFs beyond the 3000MB line!!! it reached 70-80 PIFs near the end!!!
though, my Verbatim DVD-R 08X MCC 02RG20 burnt really well on 8X, with a PIE average of 7.xx & PIF maximum of 1, and an average about 0.77, the scan was made using a SONY combo, CRX-320EE, so, the real scans using some BENQ or LITE-ON DVD burner would be even better i think… and as the 16X media cost me more than the 8X… well, the LG well bring me into ruins:a




Yikes looks like the 4167B DL12 needs some serious work on this media code, can anyone else confirm this brutal result?


only have ProdiscF02… sorry…
well, if u have more of the ProdiscS03, does it perform well with 4163??


TYG01…4147B DL12… :a
and next flower… :clap:


well, yeah, but believe me THAT is NOTHING!!!

take a look at this one… a FAKE TY, HYUNDAI DVD+R burned on 8X, i burned the first a month ago on 8x, and it didnt give >4 PIF until 3.5GB limit…but this!!! this was a week a go, the last DVD+R i tried to burn before RMAing the 4163b, anyway they didn’t give me a new one, they said the lens was defective, and it was replaced… and the drive is only 2 months old!!! well THEY SUCK ok…


LG really need to get into PI/PO scanning… it’s needed.
As for my new 4167B DL12:
Up-to-date MediaCode/Speed in firmware please!
Riplock REMOVED (should be a 16x DVD-ROM not 6-10x (DL-SL))BenQ DW1640 do 12-16x
Region code Free, I tought that was over…
Increased quality burning on cheaper brand…
Better support for SafeDisc


I tested two drives, under Windows and Linux, with many burner software, but the result is the same, when I burn Audio CD: the cd players can’t play the songs from the beginning of the first track. From the second track there is no problem. From any second of the first track, there is no problem. The cd-text is ok. But nothing can play the cd from the beginning of the first track, except the computers.
It would be great, if in the next firmware it would be fixed.
Thank you :slight_smile:


Philips DVD+RW 8X (RicohJPNW21) disc burned @8X with my LG 4166 (1.01) shows a poor quality (when scanned on my BenQ 1620 firmware B7W9).

But quality is good when burned @4X.


Well in fact, sometimes I have a good quality with Nero Burning ROM.
I was using Nero CD-DVD Speed that maybe have problem with erasing/burning those discs ?


I wish that LG would fix the Audio CD problem that causes “Hi-Fi” CD players not to start / play track one when using the GSA-4167B writer.


Maybe it’s a Nero 7 related issue ? try Nero


no the Lg4165/4167b audio cd is a bug, hope it get fixed in DL13
DL12 is a few months old tho…