Scene Newslines from Sunday 03 June

21:05 Czech to release Linux for Playstation [1]
20:51 I/OMagic CD-RW external firewire drive
20:40 Exclusive - NVidia Crush chipset features
19:27 Exclusive - AMD to present dual CPU motherboard on… [3]
18:48 Perfect Suite available this night
14:11 University computers a prime targets for hackers [1]
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News from Saturday 02 June:
18:42 Internet Piracy a Threat, Valenti Tells Convention [3]
15:00 TDK 24/10/40 drive specifications… [7]
14:13 win32 GUI version of LAME mp3 encoder [16]
13:51 Join the United Burners UD Team!

News from Friday 01 June:
21:23 Standoff on CD-R royalties nears end in Taiwan [2]
20:57 New law leads to bootleg CD crackdown [1]
20:51 LaCie FireWire DVD-R/CD-RW combo drive
20:15 CoverUniverse powers up
16:41 Jlopez virus. [7]
14:31 DiscJuggler 3.00.790 available [1]
12:45 Philips MPEG4 standalone player [3]
11:33 Nero available! updated [18]
01:13 Sixty Arrested As FBI Swoops on US Internet Scams [1]

Headlines from past 3 days…

Why not just call it

I mean look…What the hell does the LINUX version for playstation have to do with CD recording?
Jlopez virus?


The main page is made to bring you general info 'bout the stuff goin on the world :wink: not only 'bout cd recording


Our main focus is and always will be news from the CD Recording scene, but that doesn’t mean we should not mention any other news that might be interesting to many of our visitors.

We will always try to stay on top of the news in the recording business: sofware updates, price increases of CDR, new technologies, but is not sufficient to have a whole page on (if we only have one news item each day…would you still come and visit us?)

So instead of limiting ourselves to CDR news only, we like to bring other news as well, news that might be interesting to those who visit us…


It just seems to me that like a year ago cdfreaks was geared more towards CD stuff… I for one would come just for CD news. Also, when non-CD news is posted, seems like everyone wants to flame people in reactions, have you noticed that?

oh well I see yas


In the old days CD Freaks used to post listings of certain CD’s as well, that was one reason why many people came to visit us. But due to problems with hosting and advertisers (this site has grown immensely, serving over 10 million hits a month these days) CD Freaks has gone legal.

This is a discussion I care not to go into, for it has been discussed before in various topics (in both Dutch (to great extent) as well as English fora), it is a choice we had to make.

As for the flaming, I have not really been paying attention to this (spend most of my time here, in the Dutch fora mostly even) and yes, where people have their own opinions, there always seem to be disagreements :wink: