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That The fab ranges of burning engine supports

ImgBurn ( in the Burn with drop down box

ImgBurn supports command line so no problem there.

(At present it only burns ISO’s)

Its written by Lightning UK! and is excellent, i use it nearly all the time, gives better burns than Nero, not as bloated and doesnt phone home like VSO.

Are you using DVDFab Gold to create an ISO to burn? If so how do you like the results. T have thought about trying that method of creating an ISO and burn with ImgBurn or DVD Decrypter to see if layer breaks work better.


Havent tried it yet with DVDFab Yet.

I would totally recommend ImgBurn for DL burning but just stick with Verb DL disks as most others are complete crap.

ImgBurn his more advanced at Layer Breaks on DL Disks (I believe) compared to DVD Decrypter. Its fully supported and will be getting updated regularly.

Take a look over at the ImgBurn Forums.

“ImgBurn his more advanced at Layer Breaks on DL Disks (I believe) compared to DVD Decrypter.”

Thirty plus burns with MKM 001 +R-DL Verbatim iso w/dvdd. Not one flaw in any of them and a four year old JVC settop player reads them fine.

Hey Mack,

You may recall from the old forum…gmacs, gary and I experimenting with DL burning. While the express and gold copies yielded good results, insofar as the playback quality, the LB was always an issue. AnyDVD, in combo with DVDDecrypter, yielded absolutely flawless bkups, ie., the LB issue was non-existent. This was also true when using the Img burn utility. It’s true that DVDD is defunct re: updates (as I understand it, Lightning UK had to give up rights to DVDD as part of his “settlement”). Img, on the other hand, will continue to be improved upon by LUK. However, for right now, both DVDD and Img work great.

If you need any pointers re: configuring DVDD for the rip, give me a holler.


Maybe so, If it aint broke dont fix it!

I got a good LB using Gold in DL and RitekD001 discs. I was just wanting to try something different to see if it would work.


You can desactivate the stats ( phone home ) from vso burning layer, and it allows to have quite valuable information such this report :

How do you do this

"desactivate the stats ( phone home ) from vso "


Good information, will it also collect media IDs so we can see success rates for what we use. Looks like everyone is getting average to above average burns. I bet even the lower % numbers play in some players,