Suggestion Need - Laser Printer Paper For Inlay

Hi - I have a query with regard to the type of paper to use for inlays - currently Im using 170 gsm matte silk paper for use with inlays - the printer Im using is a HP laserjet 3600 - I notice with this paper that when folded the paper tends to crack - funnily enough whilst its 170gsm its rather thin - has anyone any suggestions for using the correct type of paper with a laser printer that will recreate the type of inlays that you would find in a retail ready cd/dvd
Many thanks

Most retail DVDs use bond type paper for inserts and inlays, which has no consumer-type counterpart. Glossy brochure inkjet paper is the closest I’ve seen, but for lasers I don’t have a clue.

CDan I use a good quality ink jet paper in my HP 3800 colour laser and it gives great results.

I wouldn’t expect all coated inkjet paper to play nice with thermal laser printers, but anything is possible. I can’t help thinking that the inkjet coatings would melt and stick to the thermal surfaces in the laser printer.

I think you misunderstood me, well I wasn’t very clear.
The paper is not coated as per Epson but is graded as suitable for ink jets and lasers.
The cost is obviously greater. I pay about £6 a ream as against £1:70 for the cheap stuff I use on the B/W Laser.

Here is my experience with paper. I have an Canon MP 970 inkjet printer. Commercial matte CD booklet is the quality that I try to match.

  1. First I tried this paper, they have layout and you can snap your traycard, etc out from it. They are good and expensive. They look to be more than 170gm. A packet of 20 each.

I print out graphic on cheap paper first. Line them up with these avery paper and then print on them.

  1. Then I look for cheaper solution. I tried these canon paper.

The matte side works perfectly. The non-matte side is the problem which mean I need to look for double matte side paper.

  1. So, I knew I need to look for paper at least 170gm or over. Matte on both side. As far as ISO brightness, I don’t have a preference yet. I found this on Amazon and decide to try them. They are not here yet…:slight_smile:

They were at $5.84. It seems anything that is 220gm shipped in packet of 20. Anything around 170gm shipped in packet of 50. I definitely would like to try some cheap 200gm or above, A4 size, dual side matte and ISO brightness ?? paper.