Suggestion - list media results by drive brand

In order to improve the forum, how about listing media test results by burner drive brand/type? That way, if someone is looking for the best media for their burner, they can just lookup up that drive type, then peruse thru those media tests for results. Otherwise, you would have to read all the media test results looking for tests with your burner, and most posts will not apply since some tests will be with other burners (different burners get different results with the same media). Surely there’s an automated way to parse out the posts already posted by drive type, instead of doing that manually. Comments??

There is already something like this on

I think it is a good idea. If approved I can contribute with my personal experience.

Simply search the test threads for your model or firmware numbers. This is already explained in the test forum stickies. Since drive models change monthly, and firmware changes almost as often, organizing the tests in that way would be fruitless. Test results can change drasticly with different firmware revisions. The only real problem with the test forums is that people persist in posting tests without the required formatting of the information. So much so that the mods can’t keep up with it. This interferes with the search results, but you can still get a load of info by searching for your firmware version or model number.