[Suggestion] Improvement of warning-dialogs




I ran into some “trouble” while doing the following. Not a big issue but a more sophisticated warning-dialog would be nice in this case.

What I did:

  1. Opened a DVD Iso-Image through “Recorder” -> “Burn Image…”
  2. The Medium-Type in my burning preferences was set to “CD-R/RW”
  3. Nero found my empty Verbatim DVD-R in the Teac DVD-Burner
  4. trying to burn the DVD-Image with the “CD-R/RW” settings caused Nero to complain about this media-type not able to handle the ISO-Image. The buring was interrupted.

It may be nice to not just interrupt with a warning message but to present the same-message with a solution how to fix the problem like:

“Waring: You try to burn a DVD-Image with the medium type set to CD-R/RW. This is not possible. We detected an empty DVD-R in your drive, shall we continue to burn the DVD-Image on this media?”


This is the dialog I am talking about. There’s a DVD-R detected for a DVD-ISO-Image but burning is impossbile due to the wrong settings.