Suggestion for website URL

I’m going to start up my website soon.
It will have reviews of computer hardware and articles about technology in general.
I was thinking of registering, but it’s already taken.
I have therefore narrowed down the choice of names to the following:

Yes, I like “over-something” in a URL :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you think? Which is best?


I like “Technoverload” :iagree:

Bummer that “Techoverload” was taken, though.

It’s occurred to me that “technoverdose” or “technoverload” might sound like websites about techno music…

Also: do you think having a .net instead of a .com extension would impact in any way the site? is available…

I’d snap that baby up, personally.

I never really take any notice of whether something is .net .com or .org or whatever. If the site content is good, then that’s all I’d care about :wink:

Well, is already taken, so that’s out.

What worries me about registering is that lots of people will type in and end up on the site of a web design business that’s got nothing to do with me…
Am I worrying without reason? Keep in mind this is the first domain name I’ve ever registered :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I’ve narrowed down the choice between or . Any suggestion about which is best is good :slight_smile: is my favourite, but the choice is ultimately yours :slight_smile:

You are right! That’s why “techoverdose” or “techoverload” are the best choices!
Personaly, I would prefer .com instead of .net. Most people will first type in com than net, if they don’t know the exact address.

BTW, your nick is great!!!

P.S. Sorry for bumping in.