Suggestion for tutorial

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to make a suggestion.
I think it would be a good ide to post a thread (probably newbie’s forum is the best place) with the links to all the tutorial.
(e.g. crossflashing (what it is, how to do it, etc…), tutorials for the software, etc.)

I’m pretty sure that at some point I came accross a tutorial thread for Nero cd/dvd speed but I can’t find it anymore.
I spent the last half an hour looking for it without success (and yes I did use the search engine)

A thread with all the “important” links for newbies would be cool.

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

cant agree more some of the tutorials are out of date with the today times.
Nice to put all the updated tutorials in a section for everyone that needs to know :bigsmile: Like me most of the Time :confused: . I want to search ror maybe a thread " I have the whole thread name " wrote down ,But search cant find it ?