Suggestion for reporting v1.10 problems

Provide as much detail as possible regarding hardware/software, size of original movie etc.I suspect that the more people use 1.10, the more issues that are likely to arise, based onwhat I’ve seen in other forums for similar full 1:1 DVD backup programs. This will help all of us customers as well as the developers to pinpoint and resolve bugs/issues.

Sample template:

Hardware: P3 1gHz
DVD Burner: Sony DRU500a ,firmware 1.0f
DVD media: Accu DVD-R (2x)
OS : Window 98 SE
DVD20ne version: 1.10
Original DVD: Superman
Original DVD size: 7.0GB
DVD20ne destination size: 4.0GB
Problem Details: blah blah blah…help me!

Thanks !

That’s a good idea, but please add more details to the movie like UPC (barcode) and Region.

this is technically not a problem, just an issue. I did an episode disk (start trek deep space 9), i used DVD2one, Ifo/VOBedit etc according to the guide given in this forum. Everything worked out ok, except with the new version, when I do the final transcode w/DVD2one the progress bar does NOT move continuously, it keeps going to 20% or so, restarts, 20% restart…and finally finishes. Also, the time counters are all messsed up (329 minutes etc.)

This is the only disk I’ve done so far with this version, but the old version never did this (although it often crashed…thanks for fixing this!). Otherwise, everything is great!

again, it doesn’t really bother me as long as it works, just wondering if this behavior is normal.