Suggestion For Future Version




I have a request for a new feature for a future version. When doing a “Movie Only” copy could you please make DVD2One set the menu video attributes to the same as the movie video attributes as at the moment we have to do this manually afterwards with IFOEdit.

I know there is no menu on a “Movie Only” copy but I have come accross some DVDs that have no menu but the menu video attributes are set to NTSC even though the movie is PAL. These DVDs do not play on an old Toshiba DVD Player because it doesn’t support NTSC, and the DVD2One copy doesn’t play either because it keeps the original menu video attributes so I have to manually edit this before burning.

Also I have a widescreen TV that switches to 4:3 and then back to 16:9 when playing a “Movie Only” DVD that has menu video attributes of 4:3 and movie video attributes of 16:9 so again I have to manually edit the DVD2One created files so that the menu video attributes and the movie video attributes match.

Thanks in advance if you can make this happen :slight_smile:



this isn’t dvd2one’s official forum, which is where you’d probably want to make this sort of request.


Good idea! I’ve joined the official forum and posted my request there.



I don’t think the official forum is visited very often as I still haven’t had a reply over there.