Suggestion for future CloneDVD version

I’ve been noting that many people have encountered the dreaded read error (CRC error). When CloneDVD cannot read a block it will just produce this error & cease the read operation. This can be very frustrating when trying to do backups, especially if it is a very minor scratch.

Just wondered if there is a possibility of including a way of ignoring read errors in the program in a future release? I have managed to work my way around this problem for now, but it is a little long-winded!

I currently use DVD Decrypter (which has settings to ignore read errors) to create an ISO. Then I use Alcohol 120%'s virtual drive to mount this ISO. I can then use CloneDVD to open the image & proceed as normal - voilà !


i would like to see a sound notification if burning has finished in a future CloneDVD releease. Even Clone CD has it, or DVD decrypter but why not Clone DVD ??? :confused:


You can use VirtualCloneDrive which comes with CloneDVD instead of Alcohol, to skip the use of one application…
Anyway, I know about this problem, but it isn’t easy to solve. We’ll try.

Next version will have it.

Hi there,

Can i suggest an option that is just copy movie… this would save having to deselect all the other stuff. Basically the option would remove menus, and select only the movie. Also as a configuration option you can set the defaults for both subtitles and sound - this way by selecting movie only you can prefine the subtitles and sound automatically.

Hope this makes sense.


PS thanks for a great product! I have tested a number of other products both for copying of DVD media and for region settings and CSS removal and have found CloneDVD 2 and AnyDVD the very best around!

Hmmm, last time I checked, CloneDVD already had this option. :slight_smile:
Click on the first button on the title screen.


Of course you are right - i was using the second option… and had been also using Intervideo DVDCopy. My stuff up - 1000 applogies…


It would be useful to add a check box to write over an already written to RW automatically.

Next version will have it.

It would be great to have an option to disable screen saver, defrag service etc when burning.


cant you do that own on your own time … the last one

I just wonder what “etc” means in this case ? Perhaps, coffee/tea brewing ?
Joking aside, why load CDVD2 with this kinda stuff, if there are loads of standalone utilities out there ?

One reason would be, that there already is a function in ElbyCDIO.dll which does this platform independant. (A relic from CloneCD).
CloneDVD only needs to call it.

Olli, and how about adding ‘Erase CD/DVDRW’ feature in the next major release ?
It’s essential, but unfortunately there’s needed a 3rd party tool to perform this task.

Olli, i would like to see PoweRec for Plextor

Olli and other CloneDVD2 authors and specialists…

When you choose to backup not the entire disc but only one or two (or several) title AND you don’t want to keep the menu (to save space)… it it possible in the next releases to have a way to modify the order of the title on the disc (presently only the first one can be set) : example : title 6 followed by title 23 followed by title 2…

It would be great in the same way (no menu kept) to force the default audio and subtitle streams at initial playback of each title : example : title 6 will play by default with audio 2 and subtitle 3, title 1 audio 3 and No subtitle

Last question… is there a way with the present CloneDVD2 to make a compilation of title from DIFFERENT sources (disks) : example : I choose the title 2 of movie A and the title 9 of movie B ???
If not do you intend to implement it in next releases???

Thanks a lot in advance for these explanations ???


HERE HERE!!! Yes indeed this is needed!


Well basically if you have something like Diskeeper which runs as a automated service… you would not to have to go and switch it all off everytime you are going to burn dvd’s. the etc was just for other ppl to think about ideas that maybe needed. I would personally be very happy with automatic turning off/disable of screen saver and defrag tools when burning is happening.

Just my phonecards worth mate :wink:

You know what ? I have Diskeeper, which runs in its ‘Set It and Forget It’ mode
and I won’t to have to go and switch it off
in order to maintain the write speed and write quality thanks to this :

Hi BoSkin,

Can you please advise if i need to install/run CloneCD to acheive this or can i get this file and put it in the CloneDVD folder to resolve this?