Suggestion For CloneDVD

I am not sure you have been asked for this suggested improvement feature before. i did a quick search but could not immediately come to find nothing.

But i have been a DVDShrink user since 2003 when it was released and it has served me perfectly, it simply does everything you need and more. Now with the new protections on the disks (i.e Sony Arcoss and Ripguard) i am having major problems backing up these DVDs with shrink. People always suggest to use CloneDVD for these movies which i have tried out the trial of the latest version, but it does not offer one absolutely critical feature that Shrink does. And that is to remove specific scenes at the start and end of the movie. i.e specific amounts of the end and start credits.

Its just when i am backing up my movies there are frequent instances where if i remove just enough end and start credits, no comression is needed. Thus saving picture quality via the need to not compress at all. Or obviously the need for less compression if compression is a must if these are removed.

CloneDVD on my trial as far as i can see did not offer this, and for some perculiar reason no other transcoding programs i can find offer this except shrink and its updated counterpart nero recode (which is a step backwards from Shrink IMO as it is extrememly buggy).

So can i ask how possible is it to allow the feature of cutting of specific scenes at the start and end of the movie in a future version of CloneDVD or is this impossible with the setup of CloneDVD and the method it uses to backupd disks. I know it offers the ability to cut off certain Chaptors but i would rather cut by scene as i like to keep some of the start and end credits at the end of the disk so the backup does not end abruptly.

Thanks for your time, and happy new year.

hey, i replied to your last mention of this.

you can trim scenes in clonedvd. just below the preview window there are a little pair of scissors. click them and it lets you cut either end of the selected titleset just as in shrink


Yeah i noticed the post with this in was a general topic, so i suspected that the manufacturers at slysoft would never get to read my reply.

How exactly do i do this, as it would be a life saver if it offered this. (i only used CloneDVD once about a month ago, so no next to nothing about it).

Thank you for your reply.

From the clonedvd help file:

Chapter cutting: You have the possibility to cut off unwanted chapters or to split one movie in two parts. Click on the scissors to open the control element for cutting off unwanted chapters. Another bar appears below the play bar. The small points symbolize the chapters, the space shows the approximate length of each chapter. You can move the blue triangles to cut off unwanted chapters. Either you click on the orange bar to move the blue triangles step by step or you directly drag it to the chapter where you like to have it. The Play Slider above automatically moves to the position of the triangles so that you can watch the first movie scenes from each chapter. The green writing in the preview window shows you the chosen chapter and its play time. On the right hand side, in the title selection, you can see the chapter selection with each title

click the help button in your clonedvd program or just open yours up and follow along to see the pictures that accompany that explanation.

actually i think i might have lied…

now that i’m actually going into this it seems like you can only cut full chapters.

i’ll second this feature request haha! :slight_smile:

Yes, i have just installed the trial again (had a new hard drive installed since last trial). And it just cuts out chaptors which like i said is too much, as it usually has too much in an chaptor. What DVDShrink does is cuts by movie frame which allows you to cut exactly what you do not need.

If CloneDVD offered this, i am sure (well i would go as far to say positive) more people will make the switch from Shrink to cloneDVD.

I agree with your praise of the re-author features and options included in DVDShrink. I sure wish DVDShrink could also preserve menus when in reauthor mode.
But I am a little confused here since your post starts off discussing newer titles that DVDShrink cannot decrypt as being the source of your problem. CloneDVD2 cannot decrypt anything at all, so how would it address your issues?

dvd shrink can’t handle the structure of newer movies that have already been decrypted using anydvd or a similar program. even if it’s alread decrypted, shrink gives “invalid dvd navigation structure” or some garbage like that.

there are a few threads about it floating around…I’m not that big on the tech stuff, but anydvd + clonedvd will handle anything that’s been thrown at it so far whereas shrink is falling behind.

adding precise cutting and mixed compression to clonedvd would make it the perfect application in my opinion.

As long as we have a wish list, I would also like a message to “insert disc 2” or something like that, at the end of the first disc when splitting movies to 2 discs.

this isn’t the thread for it, but I wanted to add that the successful burn wav file is probably the happiest event sound I’ve ever heard come form my computer. It makes me smile every time I finish a burn.

Its just when i am backing up my movies there are frequent instances where if i remove just enough end and start credits, no comression is needed. [/qoute]

and if you leave the credits untouched you are still at 98% quality i guess…
you won’t see a difference between 100% and 98% quality




Ive knocked off much more than that, usually for todays movies between 8-10% compression is gone using this. I have a large w/s television so i do notice.

Lord of the rings was 20% compression gone. Tell me that does not make a difference.

Hi :slight_smile:
Anthony1uk you wanted someone to, so anything to oblige.
That does not make a difference! :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:
Of course any compression will make a difference. It’s more a case of with my equipment will I notice a loss of quality. If it’s a 10 inch (sorry still can’t get to grips with metric) then a loss of 40% probably makes no difference. HDTV 42 inch almost any loss greater than a few percent will show. Recently saw the difference between HiDef source via HDTV & DVD via conventional TV. Depending on program this can be staggering.

CloneDVD only does removal by chapter. If you really want to, set it to rip for DL media and it won’t compress. Then just run the resulting files through Shrink

You are mistaken. Although there have been instances where some decrypted material could not be handled by DVDShrink, decrypting programs causing these issues that are still being updated/maintained have been corrected in pretty prompt fashion.


AnyDVD . ., 2005 12 11

  • New: Added support for a new version of the Sony Arccos protection
    as found on “Stealth” R2 (Greece) to the option to remove
    “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
  • New: Higher compatibility when copying Arccos protected titles with
    DVDShrink or Nero Recode
  • Updated languages

DVDFabDeCryptor . . (12/28/2005)

  • Change: Improved copying engine, hopefully you don’t need to post-process with VobBlanker or FixVTS anymore.
  • Change: Fixed DVD Shrink “Out of memory” error when copying some new released DVDs, like “Valiant” (US).

Correct Rich86, except your phrasing here:

It is not AnyDVD causing an issue with Shrink or other outdated BU programs (or did I misunderstand your phrase), it is the fact that many old favorites are out of business or not being updated regularly. They cannot handle the new protection structures. The fact that Slysoft is making regular changes to AnyDVD compensate for other backup software’s inadequacies is just a “finger in the dike” type of fix. Slysoft just can’t keep doing that forever and users should begin think about migrating to more current and updated backup programs like CloneDVD2.

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Whisperer is right.

anydvd is providing temporary fixes for software that is on its way out. at some point people are going to have to deal with the fact that dvd shrink no longer works.

that point hasn’t come yet, but with the number of patches that anydvd has provided for a program that isn’t theirs, it’s going to be soon.

slysoft is doing everyone a favor by using their software to keep an old favorite alive for a little bit longer. it’s not their responsibility to fix old programs.

don’t get me wrong, dvd shrink is a great program. recode could have been amazing if anyone over at nero had given a shit about it, but the fact is that these programs are either dead or highly neglected. what anydvd is doing is delaying the inevitable.

Yes, so i was hoping that when that day comes and DVDshrink is no longer viable. That the current crop of DVD transcoders (i.e CloneDVD) would be able to offer the same excellent features that seem to be very unusually exclusive to this one program i.e cut off scenes by frame instead of by chaptor.

I just find it very peculiar how all these current crop of quite expensive retail programs are outdone on features and ease of use by a now very outdated (by almost 3 years now) and completely free program. It just beggers belief (to me at least) that this now completely defunct free program is better, easier to use and more feature packed than current retail transcoder programs. (no offense intended to any of them, this is just mine, and to what i have read, clearly quite a few others opinions)

But as CloneDVD is usually regarded as the best, i was hoping maybe some of the excellent features that made Shrink so excellent would be included into this some time in the future. (i.e cutting by frame instead of chaptor)