Suggestion for a new forum for distributed computing

cd freaks now has two distributed computing teams, and each have a thread in the living room:


World Community Grid:

with a distributed computing forum, answers to common problems would be much easier to find and much more organized than reading through one large thread mixed with questions and general chat (the folding thread is almost 15 pages now). also if the new forum was placed in International Chat: General Topics, it would be much more visible than the threads buried in the living room and people would be more likely to join these teams to help cure diseases with spare CPU cycles in the name of CD Freaks :slight_smile:

I would be willing to be a mod for the new forum, and adict2jane might be willing to be a mod for it too since he started the WCG team

cdfreaks has had a grid team for about 5 years now

Lets mod the whole Grid Team :wink:

Yes, yes! @'s for everyone :wink:

Hmm, didn’t know about the team. But I probably would have if we had a dedicated section to our DC teams (hint).

Well, it seems that the World Community Grid and are pretty much the same thing (same projects). Except the BOINC client can be used through WCG which is far supiour to the UD one.

If not a dedicated section. I think the teams would benefit from being stickied (spelling, is that even a word?) for the reasons jwill mentioned above.