Suggestion for a good 8x dvdrw laptop burner

I am building my parents a mini itx system with the 300-150 isk antec case and they want a optical drive. At first I had in mind to get a slot load, but those seem hard to find now, and the prices are silly, something like 70 or 80 bucks?

I know with larger 3.5 drives, the samsungs and sony optiarcs are always looked at as being pretty good, does the same hold true for the slim drives? Looking on ebay I see these, the samsung SN-208DB/BEBE, and SN-S083C/BEBE, Sony Optiarc AD-7700S-01. I have used lite-on in the past I guess those are decent too, which of those is the best or is there another better or more up to date model number/brand I should look for? Thanks in advance.

I would go for SN-208DB or AD-7700S. SN-208DB is newer, but there are no patches or 3rd party support available for it. AD-7700S is older but can be easily patched (see Liggy’s website). I can’t really comment on the burn quality, but they should be both OK with good quality media. Have a look in the appropriate forums and with a bit of luck you might be able to find some quality burns somewhere in there.

thanks for your help and model numbers. wish the laptop drives could get faster than 8x, but I’m sure it is a limitation of the form factor. Anyway I do appreciate it.