Suggestion about filenames of uploaded images

When you are not logged on, you don’t see the uploaded images but their filenames (that I have no problem with). But when you are logged on, you see the images only and not the filenames. The URL of the images are changed to something like httq:// which has no original filename as part of URL. I would like to suggest that the original filename should be added to TITLE or ALT tag so that you can see quickly what the filename is by just hovering the mouse pointer over the image. Currently the only way to find out what the filename is (if you are logged in) is to do “Save Image As…”. I don’t know how that’s possible becuase the filename doesn’t appear to be part of the HTML (any ideas where it is stored, Web experts?).

Now the reason for having the filename shown. I think it could give some clue about the image. It could contain some useful info which is not mentioned in the post.

Some might not see the need for it. But I think it is better than not to have it and shouldn’t be difficult to modify the forum code to add it to TITLE or ALT as they both are blank at the moment.

BTW, I have a question about referring to uploaded images in another post. How can you do that? Say you’ve uploaded an image in a post and want it to show in another post without re-uploading the same image again.


One way to do it would be go to your User CP, then attachments and get the link for the attachment from the other post.

Ok. Let me test:

URL only:

With [ i m g ] … [ / i m g ]:

Nope. The pic doesn’t show.

But when I click on them it does.

You could also post your images at a free hosting site and post the img links from there.

<—This will do it for you. just insert link where it says to inset

edit I just tried it as well and it didnt work for me. I also used the insert image button as well it showed the pic but when hit post it changed it to the link again. I have never had this happen in the past

I guess this would require modifications in the forum sourcecode and may lead to incompatibilities during an upgrade.

I don’t know how that’s possible becuase the filename doesn’t appear to be part of the HTML (any ideas where it is stored, Web experts?).

It’s pretty easy. Many sites use this feature when you start downloads. Just have a look at the second example on page 5 here.

@jm1647: No, I am talking about making the image appear on the page. Of course, if you click the link you can see the pic but why do you have to click? What is the philosophy behind this? I really don’t understand it. First, the images you upload have to be at the end of the post (i.e., you can’t insert text in between). Second, you can’t have the same image display on other posts. I know both can be overcome by using free hosting site but while this site allows uploading images then why all these limitations? Do you know if people upload same image twice or more?

@Liggy: I should think it’s easy. But if it’s not, as a paid user I would request this feature to Jelsoft Enterprises so that it will be there next time I upgrade the forum software.

Thanks for the RFC.

I thought it would work, same thing happened to me that happened to rfjr23 .I don’t have the answers for you but Liggy will have them I’m sure.
You could always refer to the other post with the pic.

I first tried it 2 weeks ago and it didn’t work back then and still doesn’t work now. I guess this is a bug because putting [ i m g ] URL [ / i m g ] gives the same result as putting the URL alone.