Suggestion: Info Window in Settings



I like the new info window of the beta a lot (the one that pops up
when you insert a new DVD).

Could you make that part of the AnyDVD setting dialog also?
Maybe a “Media” tab that shows the info for each DVD in any drive?


What should be part of the setting dialog? The info window can already be switched on/off in the “program” tab, and in the tray menu.


Sure, but currently I have to eject the DVD, change the settings, re-insert it and wait for the drive to log it in again.

Wouldn’t it be much easier to be able to see it in AnyDVD’s setting?
Maybe you could dismiss the standalone info window altogether and simply open the settings window with the info tab opened?


Oh yeah - and thanks a million for the incredible support only minutes after asking some questions.


Yeah, it’s a great feature and what HepJam suggested would be a bonus.