Suggested settings for dvd shrink

Hi, i use vobblanker and menushrink to take out extras… i like keeping the menu but some movies like alien still require 25% compression , i put settings on sharp for action movies and smooth on others and i seen some blur on some objects as im watching the movie can anybody recommend a setting or am i being to anal. thanks

If you have AEC enabled, there’s not much you can do.

At any compression higher than 10%, you can expect some side effects.

You can try the Sharper or sharpest settings for movies with the blur, but this will result in a quality reduction in a different area.

DVDShrink & NeroRecode & other transcoders actually just go thru & compress the keyframes, which is why they are much faster than a full recompress.

Debro’s absolutely right. An unfortunate side-effect of compression using Shrink is that there is a quality trade-off, especially in scenes showing movement. If you watch a disk processed by Shrink on a very large screen you will notice that in static shots the image is usually crystal clear but that the picture starts to show motion artifacts and blockiness when things start to move. This is because Shrink has peformed some deep calculation to keep the frames moving whilst shrinking the data onto the burned dvd. There will be some loss of quality, despite the burn setting used…this is inevitable. Generally I have found that Clone DVD seems to do a slightly better job in this department than Shrink. Perhaps you might want to try that, instead.

Another good alternative is to use dvd rebuilder also free.