Suggested Dual Layered Burning app for DVR-109?

i’ve searched thru the forums for options on what software to use for burning DL DVD discs with my DVR-109. I’m have firmware 1.58 currently
I have installed the modified RecordNow Max 4.5 which has been working great for single layered DVDs (actually my favorite app was PrimoDVD when I had the A03, but that has been retired).
I installed and tried using RecordNow Deluxe 7.3 and burned a DL +R data disc that when finished reported that not all files were written correctly.
based on a suggestion of a thread, i installed CopyToDVD, which unfortunately does not verify the disc when recording is complete. so i downloaded their Inspector app. when i run that and have the previously burned DVD+R DL disc, that app just locked up. so i’m not sure i trust that app. I have RiData and Verbatium DVD+R DL discs, so the media should be OK.
basically just want to burn DVD Video discs and Data discs (just like everyone else :stuck_out_tongue: ) and i’m not sure what apps support the 109 and DualLayered burning.
any suggestion or tips would truly be appreciated

I also have the Pioneer 109, and I use CloneCD for image files (iso) and it works great. I use DVDInfoPro to verify the burn. I also use Nero if the file is in VIDEO_TS format or iso, and there’s an option to verify the burn with Nero. A freeware program called ImgBurn can also be used to burn other image files (iso, img), but I find my burns with the Pioneer result in high PIF scan in Nero CD-DVD Speed so I don’t use it much.

ImgBurn and ImgToolBurn for DL media here. No Nero.

I have had good success with ImgBurn and Verbatim DL MKM001 only. Nero has a problem with the layer break. Avoid.

DVD Decrypter.

ImgBurn and Verbatim DL Disks