Suggest the best lightscribe dvd for under 70$



Hi! I need a new dvd-rom with lightscribe technology under 70$ with the best compatibility with as much media as possible and good “backup” ability, what’s your suggestion? Thanks!


BenQ 1655.


I second that… BENQ 1655


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& again(1655). :iagree: :clap: :bigsmile:


I know Samsung has a bad name, but the burn quality on the 162L is really good with the disks i tried.

I have heard the lg 4166 is great also.



My Benq 1655 is burning great (not 1 coaster) and have burned several lightscribes with surething and droppix label software


BenQ 1655 again.


1655 because it does other things well also!


I will buck the trend and suggest the LG 4166. I have found this puppy can burn almost any of my high quality media and the quality is better than any of my other 9 burners. The MCC 004 16X burn looks like a TY +R 8X burn. Granted, there is no scanning, and slow ripping, but for quality burns this drive is the best.

No comments on the Lightscribe quality. I have no use for it.


@Chas: You forgot to mention the firmware is UDMA 4 capable. I would love to try one and see what the quality looks like at 16X.


Right here: