Suggest - Panda or Cyberdefender?

I am looking at a new antivirus software and I want to pay for it. When I got my computer (used) it already had the free softwares loaded on it (norton antivirus AND AVG) and you see where that got me!

So my sister recommended the Panda antivirus. I’ve also seen on some forums where Cyberdefender got good reviews, as well as Panda. People seems to be liked and seems pretty easy to use, but it doesn’t really seem as good to me.

On CNET review AVG was rated highly, but because i don’t feel comfortable with trusting them now, I don’t want to use it.

So on this review, Panda got 3 stars-

On here Cyberdefender got 4 -

Considering that Cyberdefender got 4 stars, I am leaning toward getting this paid verison. Bit O a, conserned cause Panda is mentioned a lot, but Cyberdefender not so much. Is it a good program? I’ve read it’s a public company, but what about the software? Is it reliable? Can I trust my cmputer with it?

I would not use either one of them. I have been using LiveOneCare since it was introduced. I will like it more since Microsoft will be making it a free program like the Defender. Like any software try it 30 days first before you buy. Good luck.