Suggest me the best ways I can do this

I am planning to build a PC for my mom and want to have the following 2 things easy for her. Please note that she is not computer savvy at all - all she can manage is turn the switch on, click on desktop icons, and use IE to browse.

  1. Copy all our DVD home videos in a folder
    eg: C:\Movies\Video1\Video_TS and C:\Movies\Video2\Video_TS and so son

I want to provide icons on the desktop like “Play Video1” “Play Video2” and upon double clicking it should play the DVD files from the dard drive.

I was thinking of creating a m3u file for playing in WMP classic but then the menus wont be there right?

  1. For viewing our photos, Provide icons like “Album1” “Album2” etc which will bring up a slideshow of the pictures (which I will configure) - which are jpegs on the hard drive - so something like a playlist for pictures.


I’m thinking that part of the answer is using file association. IE: Have all MPEG files open PowerDVD or VideoLan (whichever viewing software you have. But, I’m not sure if those softwares will actually start playing the video without some intervention.

Currently, when you click on photo folders with windows xp, it asks on the left had side what you want to do, and one option is view as slideshow.

Yeah, thats a good idea and will work for the MPEGs. However most the files are *.vob files in a DVD structure. I could use a VOB joiner to join the files but that will be too much of manual work.

Any suggestions on the software for the automatic JPEG slideshow from a given folder given a folder name? I could write a windows app to do it, but I am sure there might be programs available which do the same.

Run your DVDs through AutoGK and save them in MPEG4 or AVI. It will use a lot less space and will autoplay with the software player of your choice.

To try 321Soft DVD Ripper , u can download it at

Yeah, I wasthinking of that option…its just the time needed to encode those videos…anyways I’ll try and give it a shot!