Suggest :: Best Performance DVD burner with SATA

Hi Friends

I want to replace my combo drive (LG, not even reading DVDs properly :sad: ) with a best quality DVD burner to backup my data and movies. My requirements may include:

  1. Must have SATA interface
  2. capable of burning any disc (+/-) with lowest writing error
  3. Long term performance is a must too
  4. Should have latest technology and it should be sync with the latest features, so that I’ll have peace of mind :iagree:

Plz suggest a Drive for me

I think you asked the question in wrong forum. The day Lite-on makes best burner is the same day no one else makes burners.

If you just want great writes and don’t care about scanning or whatever, you want the Samsung SH-183A.

I love my Lite-On LH-20A1S, but that’s partly because I’m looking for tweaks, and Lite-On has that (region free, over speeds, scanning, etc.).

Depends on mobo. My LH-20A1S sucks on nForce.

Samsung SH-S203B looks good… Will satisfy your points 1, 4, very likely 2 as well [nobody can guarantee 3.]

Check the Samsung forum.

You can [at the moment] get it in Asia, Europe, or Canada.

Just installed the Samsung S203B yesterday; 4 burns so far at 20X averaging over 14X for each burn and quality scans of the burns range form 92 to 97 when scanned with the BenQ1650.

the burns were done on TY media, one full 4.3GB data burn with CD-Speed, one movie backup with 1ClickPro, and a couple of ISO burns with Speed and CopyToDVD.

Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve had this drive for a while now (in fact have more than 1).
It appears to be potentially the drive to beat at the moment (although I believe many of the competition are about to release new models in the next 3 months).
Have a look here [B]Official website:[/B]
Aslo see this [B]thread:[/B]
Also try link in this [B]post:[/B]

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My 20A1S works great on my nForce 4. Couldn’t be happier.