Suggest a way to store pictures on the go?

how can I store digicam pictures while on the go? Is there a device that can take a memory card directly and with the push of a button I can transfer pictures into that device?

Try here.

Take a look on Newegg, they probably have some devices on there. And if you don’t feel like spending a lot on one, buy this and put a cheap, smaller capacity 2.5" HD in it -

Belkin do a transfer device for the iPod if you have one. Or most digi cam makers do one.

just get a large card for your camera and you’ll never run out of room…they do have portable card readers i believe though

laptop? =o i don’t see why you’d need more than 400 shots on the go but you could always buy another card

With 1GB memory cards selling for $20 (if you shop around and buy them on sale) I would suggest just getting a few extra cards too.

When I’m traveling the less I have to carry the better.

That is what the card reader is for.

Check out this link:
There are many options. Many photographers like these types of devices. Personally, I would rather get more memory cards.

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

I second to that also.

  1. More cards
  2. Consider the purpose, and adjust the size of the image (smaller pic = save space = more pics)
  3. One-click storage devices like in posts 2 & 3
  4. Take yer laptop with you

and, TIP: don´t waste you money on card readers…transfer the pics via USB. A cable came with your camera.

I have a couple of them …

  1. Hyperdrive space for $174.95. This is definitely worth it 'cos its the fastest reader for your memory cards and its got 32-bit copy verification system, so you can definitely be assured that you pictures have been copied to the Hard Drive

  2. Smartdisk Photo Chute 20GB
    Just pair this up with a fast card reader and you are all set. It fairly cheap too at $64.99

There are the memory card for digicam today that has up to 4GB capacity and is good for as long as you can take the pictures.

Memory card with 4 GB are fairly expensive compared to the Smartdisk Photo Chute 20GB which fljoemon mentioned…

If you are planning on taking lots of pics, then a couple of good sized cards like around a Gig or two ( = up to 4 GB total) and you are good to go. If you are gonna be away from your laptop for too long then the storage transfer device is cool.

It´s not too dramatic…I carry about 5 sticks…totalling about 4 GB. And sometimes I shoot over 1000 pix in a day…no problem. Batteries are a much bigger worry!

You are right but not all the digicams are disc compatible.