Suggest a Graphics card



Hi all,

I currently have a GeForce2 MX 32MB card and would like to upgrade to something with a little more punch.

However this is one area I'm not up to speed on, so could anyone suggest an upgrade? I have a budget so something mid-range would be good, just don't know what to go for.

Any help is appreciated!

PS. PC Spec is P4 1.7GHz, 512MB RDRAM, if that helps at all.


I’ve been very satisfied with the latest ATI cards. In my opinion they may not be as fast and have some problems with some very few and old games, but beside that:

-Excellent 2D quality, better than Nvidia if you ask me (I run 1024 x 1280 or 1600 x 1200).
-Much better details and more colorful colors in 3D games.
-Extremely good performance and features/price ratio compared to Nvidia.

With the latest drivers there is few or none problems.

So get a card based on the radeon 8500 chip.

Hercules 3d prophet FDX8500LE is a good one(clocked at 250/250MHz), priced at around 180 euro.

You may also look into other brands, some is clocked at 250/250MHz and some at 275/275MHz…but 25MHz is not a big difference so I’ll say price is more important.


I would have to agree with OC-Freak as the Radeon cards are quite good value and are great cards to have. I’m not too sure of the prices in the UK but down here we are starting to see 128MB GF3 Ti200’s and the like for under $300… Maybe that will add some punch to it all. There is also the GF4MX cards as well


If you are on a budget, don’t go for GF4MX 400 series. They are more like GF2MX on steroids…they lack many of the new features that the GF4 Ti series have.
Actually the GF3 series have more features than the GF4MX series, so if you can find one, the might do a nice upgrade at a decent price.
THe ATI’s, well driver support is not so good, yet it’s light years better than with previous cards, and the hardware is very good.
Also try the GF4 Tii4200 for a mid range card. This is my personal target as soon as I get some cash…hope this helps.


If you’re on a budget but also want performance, I’d recommend the SiS Xabre 400 series cards, but I don’t know if these would be available where you are already, (they’re already orderable here.)

Those are very cheap (equivalent to US$99 or a bit less even) and offer GF4MX460-levels of performance with all the extra DX8.1 features and AGP8X support that the GF4MX doesn’t have.
Of course, they’re slower than the Ti4200, but for half the price, I prefer the Xabre (I’m on a tight budget here…) and will buy one as soon as I gather the money (Still on a 2MX here…).

They come with 128MB of memory and some models support Simultaneous TV-Out (Like TwinView) or Dual-Monitor. It runs at 250/500(DDR).


Originally posted by GhostBear
I would have to agree with OC-Freak as the Radeon cards are quite good value and are great cards to have. I’m not too sure of the prices in the UK but down here we are starting to see 128MB GF3 Ti200’s and the like for under $300… Maybe that will add some punch to it all. There is also the GF4MX cards as well

But the radeon card is faster and better than this card and way cheaper.

The radeon card is close to a gf 4 ti4200 when it comes to features and performance.

And the ATI drivers is pretty good now.


The ATI drivers may be good, but they only come out twice a year or so… :slight_smile:
But I agree that ATI are much much better at 2D and DVDs…


the 128MB g4 ti is probably the best one out there…dont get the g4 mx, as it doesnt have the best features of the g4 TI or the g3 ! its basically a stripped out g4 ti, which explains the large price gap :wink:

in the end, its frame-rate/shading vs price. wait til quake4 or unreal2 come out, and see the framerates on them with various cards. that’ll be the kicker, how well these cards perform with the new engines.


OC-Freak>> That is the case with many Radeon cards. At the moment, even with the cards from Hercules, there isn’t too many places stocking Radeons here. By that I mean a local store and not off the net. Personally I wouldn’t mind getting an 8500 over the GF3 but so far the best price I have seen is $505 with 128MB. I know that there are also a few 8500 chips around as well, is there much difference between them as well. ie 8500LE, 8500DV plus lets not forget the AIW


Thanks for all the info!

Well a colleague of mine is also after an upgrade and has a very similar graphics card to my existing one.

A little bit of looking around, and we came up with a Nvidia Ti200 128MB DDR, but were then informed that anything more than 64MB in todays games is pointless (they just not designed to utilise the extra memory). And by the time games start requiring 128MB the Ti200 chipset will be obsolete anyway.

With this in mind we decided to go for a Ti200 GF3 64MB to bridge the gap, plus the £100 price tag, which was very attractive. (£120 for the 128MB card).

The Ti200 does well on tomshardware VGA charts too :slight_smile:


I’m a bit curious, what brand Ti200 did you get?


I believe its an actual Nvidia card, an OEM version and hence the good price.

Oh, and yes, I left my colleague in charge of purchasing the cards and in the end he decided to get two of the 128MB versions because of a review noting increased fps over the 64MB version. But whats an extra £20 anyway?


I have a MSI-Starforce GeForce3 Ti200 w\64 mb.ram. I love my card and it runs all my games with no problems. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.:smiley:


So do I! I just wish they would hurry up and deliver…


And while we’re on the subject, how would one go about overclocking the GF3Ti200 128MB?? I have never overclocked before…


Mine has a overclock utility from MSI but I have never found a reason to use it as my games run fine at default settings. You can go here for a tweaker plus there are many more at this site although I have never used any of these so proceed with caution.


It has arrived…!

Turns out its a Sparkle SP7000T2 (GF3 Ti200 128MB).

I will fit it tonight…


I have 2 gainward cards. A geforce 3 ti 200 and a geforce 4 ti 4400. They overclock very well. I am hooked on gainward.


What did you overclock to?

I’ve set mine at 220/490 and no problems so far…