Sugested PSX modchips or boot disc's?

This is the one I’m thinking about getting

Playstation PS-X-Change Boot Disc V2

Just wondering if this is the best route to go

Reasons why I need a boot disc and not a AR

I’m recently getting started again on playstation 1

I use to have one but the thing is my spindle hub and or the spindle motor broke
(this was before i had a pc so i didn’t know I could find replacements)
and i gave my old games to a friend of mine (which now they don’t work for him)
in short I don’t have a reg ps1 game anymore (to get pass the boot check)
and if i buy online the cheapest i can find one for is about 15$ (with shipping)
so in short again i don’t have a ps1 game to use to confuse the ps1

P.S. to cool those that think i’m just gonna burn games i don’t or didn’t own

  1. Games for it are NOT made anymore (so the companys cant make a profit off them anymore)
  2. I’m only gonna burn FFVII-IX Megaman legends and some others (which i have owned)

P.P.S Plz let me know what my best options are tyvm in advance

Why don’t you install a modchip in it ? Would cost you a few bucks only plus a 10 minutes soldering.

regards, Stephen

Breaker Pro is what you need - it can be used on the PSX, PSOne, PS2 [I]and[/I] PStwo systems.

I personally used to use the cartridge and spring trick on my ancient, ancient PSX console. Every game I had booted up via CD-R with no problems whatsoever. :iagree:

This is what I used to use:

This isn’t the exact model that I had, mine was slightly different.

I severely doubt that you can buy any of these cartridges from local places anymore. At least with with Breaker Pro, you don’t need the cartridge. Just the CD and the spring will do. Add the fact that Breaker Pro can also be used to boot PS1 games on a PS2 and it’s clearly the better option when compared to the cartridge and the PS-X-Change boot disc. :wink:

Go with a modchip they are so cheap and easy to solder…

I have no experience with soldering and sone that one you mentioned i cant aford at this moment most i have at this time is 25$

And that one requires a regular ps1 game

Play Import and Backup Games: First setup your playstation to “think” the door is always closed by inserting the spring. Insert ANY game or the “demo disk” (make sure the PLUGMODCHIP Side Switch is in the up position)

Breaker Pro doesn’t require the use of an original PS1 game. :disagree:

Breaker Pro is still available from many online retailers at the moment. I bought mine from

Do you mind telling me what country you’re based in? It will help us to identify possible sites as to where you may be able to buy a boot CD for your PS1. :wink:

I realy do apologize for my slow response (lost the link to this topic :frowning: )
But im in the usa

But im most likly going to go with console source (since they have memory cards And controllers so I can save on the shipping

Edit: and breaker pro and PS-X change boot disc are the same thing

(they both are a boot disc and both have the pvc card thing)

Breaker Pro was designed to play PS1 imports and backups on a PS2 console as well as a PS1 console.

I don’t know if that PS-X change CD boots up PS1 games on a PS2 or not. I suspect that it doesn’t otherwise, I would’ve heard about it by now.

What is the PLUGMODCHIP Side Switch? I’ve been having problems booting up my game :frowning:

There should be a switch on the side of the cartridge that turns on and off the modchip module.

Try flicking the switch into both positions (one at a time) and see what happens.