Sugary pop to blame for falling CD sales - Give us quality!

I just posted the article Sugary pop to blame for falling CD sales - Give us quality !.

Paul Conroy, who was president of Virgin Records for 10 years and the man who signed the Spice Girls, will tell top executives at a major event in Scotland this week that it is their own fault CD…

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Record execs sign up & advertise auditions for cheesy pop/garage/boyband acts because they know they can follow a set formula that will generate a set revenue. It is a business strategy without any risks. However, there are only so many times that that formula can be repeated before the public grow tired of it. It is the short-sightedness of the recoe industry that has lead to the fall in sales. But they are still unable to change - you only have to look at Popstars, Pop Idol, American Idol and the new World Idol to see that executives have become obsessed with mass producing and mass marketing this garbage, when it is american rock music that has really shown itself to be far more enduring. And even more popular. Red Hot Chilli Peppers sell more records than S Club 7, even in the UK - but it is S Club 7 who get the airplay, the TV show, the Tv spots, etc. The record industry badly needs to wake up. By keeping prices high during a time of relatively low sales, they are relying on elasticity of demand. Well, that elasticity has just about run out.

Yeah, and they charge us big price for CD’s when they could give the artists more money for cheaper by selling music online :wink: BTW, I searched a tune for about a year, heard it on Mitsubishi Eclipse ad; Now, the group is known to the public who heard it there. (Dirty Vegas, Days go by) Finding talent is reco’s job, isn’t it? Why do car companies have to do it themselves??? Peace!

THANK YOU! I had no idea who performed this song…and there’s no way of finding out! I’m on Kazaa Lite right this second, downloading it…

I could of told them that several years ago! For years I had always taped songs from my local radio station but the last several years I had stopped! The music is terrible! And I would NOT even want any CDs if the Tower Records gave them away for FREE!!!

My tape player is broke in my car and even though I use to listen to the radio all the time. I have gotten to the point where I go to every rock station I know and the music is so horrible I have been known to actually cuss out my radio and turn it off. Why? Not because they’re isn’t any good music any more, but because the radio stations won’t play it. They play the same songs over, and over and they all suck. In my humble opinion.

Thanks to the recording industry, most radio stations are flooded with shitty pop/rap music. This is most likely because 12y/o girls (the people who like shitty music) are most easily brainwashed into wasting $25 on a CD full of crap music, not always because they like it, but because it’s considered popular and everyone else has it. In fact a few months down the track, the band is portrayed negatively and a new pop group is promoted so the dumb bitches waste money on another CD where the band doesn’t write, perform or even sing their own music.

Hey Flake, I could not agree with you more. This is how the recording industry makes so much fucking money. All the teen morans out there who go from fad , to fad… One reason hip hop is so huge, is cuz you dont need any talent whatsoever to perform it. Just rap to a stupid fucking beat, and BINGO, you are a star! its pathetic…

I agree with what all of you are saying! Pop music today is the worst! And it gets worse every friggin time it’s played! I want quality music! …now where did I put my Eiffel 65 CD…? :g