Sugar Sugar, Honey Honey ..... part 2

Are you a sweet-tooth, a soft drink addict, or just have a chocolate fetish …

Are you on your way to becoming diabetic? Or perhaps just a tub of lard …

Whatever you are heading towards … how much sugar (or food with lots of sugar in it) do you consume in a week?

I drink a lot of coffee on a working day, no wait, make that triple espresso’s with as less suger as possible (vending machine).

One level teaspoon of sugar in my tea…but I tend to drink about two cups in an hour.

I also have a bar of Galaxy in my fridge for those choccy emergencies :bigsmile:

I drink roughly a gallon (about 4 liters) of Dr. Pepper a day…at work. Another liter or so at home. No wonder I have problems sleeping.

Not very big on candy or chocolate so that doesn’t add very much to the equation.

oh god i have a chocolate fetish…just dip me in chocolate expresso…and ohhh yeah it looks like some Type II diabeties in my future