Sue those $#@$#@ spammers!

At least , when you live in California :

From ZDNet ( :

A California antispam bill passed the Senate on Wednesday, a first step toward the passage of a law that would give people the right to sue spammers. The bill, introduced by Sen. Debra Bowen, a Democrat, allows any Californian who receives an unsolicited ad via e-mail to sue the sender in court for $500 per violation; and judges can triple the fine if they find that the sender willfully and knowingly violated the California ban. The bill, which cleared the Senate Business and Professions Committee on a bipartisan 5-1 vote, also requires courts to impose an additional $250 civil penalty per spam to be used to fund high-tech crime task forces throughout the state. Under current law, only a city attorney, district attorney, the state Attorney General and ISPs can go after spammers in court.

a step in the right direction. i see a lot of lawsuits. stoner might be in some serious bucks if he decides to take advantage of this. i wonder if there is a limit to how many spammers you can sue? i have an email account that receives only spam now…and several come at the same time from the same person.

how about the riaa sending me an email about p2p software on my computer? does that constitute spam? then again, i dont live in california.

maybe i should move to california, sure it would cost money, but you would easily earn it back with all the money you could make off of lawsuits. Me thinks I’ve found a new get-rich-quick scheme:bigsmile:

I hardly ever get spam anymore - never subscribe to ‘suspicious’ website or programs. If I have to (mostly because I need to do some test or experiment), I’ll use fake e-mail or make up one from my 5-allowed vaild addresses and delete it later on.

Time to sue these mofos. I get around 40, yes, 40 spams a day. Even my triple filters can’t keep 'em out of my inbox. I’m going to enjoy this…

I got a question though. From what I gather, this only applies to Cali spammers. What if the spam originates from another state? Cali court doesn’t jurisdiction over another state. Man, the god damn US attorney general has to look into this and make the anti-spam law national.

BTW, “Under current law, only a city attorney, district attorney, the state Attorney General and ISPs can go after spammers in court.” So again, nice initiative, but again no cigar for the regular folks. Might as well make another filter…