Suddenly Windows Thinks My Drives Are Read-Only!

I’ve got a Ricoh MP5308D DVD+RW and a Pioneer DVR-104 DVD-RW on my machine, running XP Home. These worked fine on SP1, but now that I’ve ‘upgraded’ to SP2 I find that Windows treats these drives as read-only. When I click on their Properties there is no Recording tab. I’ve been into the Registry to set their drive-type flags to 2 but this has made no difference. :eek:

Some apps, like Nero, still work fine, presumably because they bypass the Windows software layer. But Sony’s SonicStage is now treating these drives as read-only, which is a real pain. Any suggestions, please? :bow:

Uninstall SP2.

:disagree: Why???

lamprhey, you should read CD-RW drive is not recognized as a rewritable drive in Windows XP Service Pack 2

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I would start by removig the upper and lower filters and restart xp this will fix the problem most of the times. Go here to instruction on how to remove them. It is for another problem but the steps are the same. You might have to reinstall some recording software after you remove them and xp reinstalls them. I would not remove sp2

Installation of SP2 for Windows XP yeilds unecessary annoyances.

lamprhey may be better off using SP1 for Windows XP plus the very many hotfixes.

Thanks for pointing out the MS hotfix, which I shall follow up. I’d found an earlier version of this article (#316529) but that hadn’t solved my problem – I suspect the new article will sort it out. :cool: