Suddenly Nothing!

My name is Tom and although I have never used this forum, I read it frequently for advice. I have used Slysoft products for years, and have rarely had a problem. I think my question has to do with disk protection.

I am using a Sony DRU-510A DVD RW burner, and suddenly there are some DVDs that it will just not recognize. For example, Max Payne, and Australia. These movies are brand new. They will play in my stand alone DVD player, but not on my computer DVD player.

Do these movies have some connection? A common protection, or … well, I can’t think of any other reason.

99% of the movies I watch on computer are fine. What makes these movies unique.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

You say you have Slysoft products, do you have the latest version of AnyDVD?

When you put the dvd into the drive, does it spin up? Does AnyDVD tell you that it is inspecting the disk?

When you have the dvd in the drive can you go to My Computer (Computer in Vista), right click on the drive and Explore the contents of the disk?

Which software player are you using?

Any DVD and Clone DVD2. They work fine, it’s that the drive doesn’t even recognize the disk
What do you think?

I do have the latest versions of the software.
The inserted disk does spin for about thirty seconds. The little fox shows "empty2"
I can’t explore the disk because it says the drive is empty. “Insert disk.”