Suddenly no players burn cds anymore

after two or so years of everything burning fine, real player, microsoft media player, nero, and winamp will not burn cds anymore. before this problem cropped up the only thing that might have caused this is upgrading winamp. [have been to their site but there is no exact info on the problem and haven’t recieved forum register confirmation e-mail after a few days]. i’ve since reomved winamp, but the problem in the other player software remains. i’m using windowsXP sp1 [sp2 looks too scary], the hd is in good shape with space, I`m using good clean tdk disks, and as i said it all worked smoothly two weeks ago. The other strange thing is that I’ve been able to burn DVDs on nero with no problems. i’ve done system restore too but it dodn’t solve anything. what could cause this kind of across the board problem? any help or advice would be much appreciated.

It may well be that this Winamp thing is a total coincidence and that the real culprit is actually your burner.

Yes it’s possible that the CD writing feature of a burner goes bad though the DVD writing feature still works. They have two different lasers…

You’d better get that out of the way first, before going through the hassle of re-installing your software config. My opinion.

thanks, i`ve been reading about this recently too,
As i’ve got a laptop, i really hope not.
how do you go about checking if the problem is with the hardware?
is there a test somewhere?

apologies for apparent overflow of stupidy,
probably just playing a cd is enough to test if its the hardware, no?
have just played a cd now successfully,
so feeling a bit relieved.

but still nothing is burning on anything?

any help much appreciated

Just a wild guess.Maybe when you removed Winamp you deleted a file that was common to all the other programs and needed for burning. Check and install ASPI layer 4.60 if you don’t have it.

i`ll check, but things stopped burning after i updated winamp, and before i deleted it.