Suddenly, My Encoders Won't Work

About 2 weeks ago, my hard drive crashed. I was able to get a “full recovery”(onto a different HD) from a local shop here in Manhattan. When I got it home, I was at first very impressed. However, over the weekend the strangest problem has emerged.

Most of my video encoder programs will no longer work. And Windows Media Player won’t play anything. This is strange because all my other media players work fine: VLC, Media Player Classic, Nero Showtime, etc. Just not WMP. And some of my video software do work: CCE SP2, CloneDVD2, DVDFab, DVDFlick.

The ones that don’t work give varying reasons for crashing:

Canopus won’t even open.

NeroVision says there’s a memory violation

TMPGEnc 4.0 says it can encode the audio but not the video

ConvertToDVD is especially strange. Upon start up it tells me that the video preview window module is not available. Then, it seems to encode fine, yet overshoots the target by a lot, making it impossible to burn.

Any idea what might be happening here?

Thank you!