Suddenly, my DVR-111D won't burn DVD+R

I have a IBM laptop, and had to buy a Pioneer DVR-111D to make a backup copy of my navigation map.
The Pioneer was about the only one making a working copy, see all threads over at :flower:

Now, I want to make another copy of this. Suddenly, it won’t burn to DVD+R or DVD+R DL’s.

I can burn to DVD-R, but then the booktype will not set to DVD-rom, and the map is not recognized by the car.

I cannot understand what happened? :disagree:

The burner is connected to my laptop with a usb-ide converter, called R-DRIVER III
It is a USB2.0 to SATA/IDE cable. This is used also the first time, so I know this should work.

In Nero 7.0, witch I use, the Pioneer is stated as a DVD-R writer. Could this be the problem? I can’t remember what stood there before, but anyone? HELP!!!

DVD-R cannot be bitset.

You probably have other softwares installed like Alcohol which exactly producing the errors you now have…

Nero 7 has nothing to do with that and I hardly doubt you could use something like Nero to make an backup of a Navgation disc!

No, that I know. And therefore the -R disc will not be set as DVD-ROM, and the navigation system will only see the disc as a “update disc” for the navigation software.

No… I had CloneCD, but have removed it to see if that was the problem…

That is wrong. Nero [I]can[/I] be used. How come I have burned several discs with Nero? And they work… That was with SW 1.29 (pioneer) and it automaticly set the +R DL to dvd-rom booktype.

Have you tried using DVD decrypter? It’s a pretty powerful app.

Other than that, sounds weird to me. What kind of +R media you using?

Yes, it will not read my R+ media either.

Media is Verbatim, and tried 3-4 of them. Dont think that is the problem…

I didn’t get the discs to work with DVD decrypter, I have a pioneer and DVD Dec. did not set the booktype to dvd-rom. It probably would have worked if it did that…

Very weird. You can always try putting it another PC. If the problem is still happening, your drive is probably half dead. Under warranty or not? You could return it if it is, or upgrade to the 112 if you want a new Pioneer.

yes, under warranty. 4 weeks or so old…

im going to try it in my old pc this weekend, if i can start it up (P3 1Ghz… )

Ahhh, well if it works in the old PC, you know that there’s something on your other PC that’s causing the problems.

If it still has the same problem, simply return it as it’s most likely a faulty drive.

Let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried it on another laptop though, with the usb-ide connection. same result…

my old desktop is now working, installing windows XP… :clap:

Navigation Discs usually come with Copy-protections, so you cannot use Nero for that.

ok, so the disc’s I’ve burned that work, how do you explain those… :doh:

Anyway, it seems like the dvd-burner just wont anymore, I connected it to a desktop at work today and it won’t read R+ discs there either. And now its connected internally. Verbatim DL, and just gets the message “media not supported”…

Now Im goint to send the drive back where I’ve bought it, but I have “updated” it with another FW, the 8.29 witch is not the pioneer FW.
Anyone have a clue how I can burn back the 1.23 or 1.29 FW from Pioneer? :bow:

@ kristoffer,

It has been discussed numerous times that both Pioneer and The Dangerous Brothers clearly warn that Flashing Drives with Modified Firmware voids the Warranty of the drive. You are fully aware of the “Flashing History” of this particular Pioneer DVR-111D drive and making a Warranty Claim on this particular drive is a questionable unethical action on your part.

Many retailers with RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) policies before authorizing Warranty Claims perform a CID (Customer Induced Damage) inspection. A thorough and complete CID inspection can easily detect if your Pioneer DVR-111D was at one time Flashed with Modified Warranty voiding Firmware.

Attempting to re-flash a Drive with Official Manufacture Firmware for the purpose of making a bogus Warranty Claim unnecessarily gives the whole Firmware Modifying scene a bad name.

I doubt if ethical Forum Members will assist you in making a bogus Warranty Claim.


Well, the fault appeared before I uploaded the FW. :rolleyes:
I did this only because the FW was going to automaticly close the R+ as a dvd-rom, so I didn’t have to use DL disc all the time. :confused:

Of course, I wouldn’t send in the dvd if it was something I had done with the DVD player, regardless if it was FW update or throwing the player in the wall.
But the fault was there a before the FW update, so I know that didn’t do it.

But thank you for your thought… :clap:

I still think he should send it in and the whole “unethical” crap can kiss my butt because the drive was faulty before he flashed and he only flashed to try rectify his problem.

Kristoffer, if you return it, just say that the drive is not reading and burning +R media but -R is ok. Say that you upgraded firmware but that didn’t help and it has the same problem.

Good luck.

That might be so, fact is that it had to be returned before flashing anything because the drive WAS already failing… :rolleyes: