Suddenly Mozilla Firefox Wont Connect To Internet - Why?e

mozilla wont connect. it says problem loading page.
internet explorer just works fine but i like mozilla.
whats wrong suddenly?

Missing proxy settings?

how do i check that?

Firefox->Tools->options->General->Connection settings perhaps?

Compare them with your internet explorer settings.
IE->Tools->Internet options->Connections->Lan Settings->Proxy server.

I’m also having troubles with FF. It won’t commect to gmail no matter what. Netscape and AOL connect OK.
I’m about to give it up, but I like its extensions.

Use Maxathon instead, you won’t have any problems.

have you recently updated your FF ? that might be the problem…see if theres a newer version and just update that should fix your problems

/me likes Opera

Another Maxthon user?

Maxthon’s great :slight_smile:

Yes I Have.
If I remember well, you used to like FF. I think it was on your signature in every post of yours. What happened?

Sorry newtoburners, to have hijacked your thread.

Hi :slight_smile:
How about a link to Maxthon for the slow & needy, eh. :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: :clap:

Thanks Zebadee, I should have thought of that but its easy enough to find on Google. Links are always better.

Thanks mate.:smiley:

Hi :slight_smile:
As a non user of G :Z :Z gle.I wouldn’t know how easy it is. Too much crap comes with it.
BTW I use & intend to continue to use IE7 .

Why not. Good luck to you.

I’m sure there was a discussion on this one a few years ago.

One of the conclusions was that Maxthon was just a skin for IE.

So Maxthon inherits all the bugs & security flaws of IE.
You might ask for Mr B’s opinion of Maxthon :wink:

including spelling errors

Mate. That’s very interesting. I never thought of that. I have been testing Maxthon and about to give FF the one finger salute. Thank you for the big tip. I would not use IE if they paid me.
(My opinion on this one is not humble either)

May be a bit obvious… but is it behind your firewall?

yes i did like Firefox…until someone shared their great experience with Opera with me…
then when i started having problems logging into cdfreaks with FF…i gave Opera a whirl…and left Firefox in the back…I like the options you have with Opera…ie…you can let your brower on anypage appear to be Internet Explorer…then no more funny looking pages…or waiting for pages to load …

Ahhh … and in my experience, several times now … that’s the other great thing about firefox … when they release the new version, the old versions that have been installed seem a little sluggish, or problems crop up …

Is firefox traffic being monitored or something?

Thank you SS. I am now testing Opera and so far so good. I like the feature that once your password is saved it auto log you in. FF saved only some PWs. not all of them. (notice I’m already talking in past tense).
Thank you for the tip. I highly regard your opinions.