Suddenly getting bad media failures

Been using AnyDVD along with CloneDVD2 for well over a year. Always newest version with little to no coasters. Constant with same brand and model of dvd-r media, ritek/ridata 16x, NEC 3520 burner. Within the last few weeks, I am suddenly getting intermittent fails due to “bad media” which I find odd, but possible. So far nine from the same spindle of 100. I threw the software combo into a spare PC and have been burning flawlessly (with another 3550 burner). Put a new NEC 3550 into first PC, in case older burner gave up its ghost, and still get intermittent coasters. I’m thinking IDE on mobo failing, 2nd opinions, thoughts? Thank you.

I would suspect media problems before controller failure.

I pulled a hard drive off the channel shared with the burner. Made about nine dupes last night, and seems to be behaving. Used same media as before. No coasters. Spare PC using same media has run flawlessly. Took a guess maybe flaky HDD or channel. So far so good. Just wondered if anyone ran into this issue prior to rewiring .

Use something like “Ccleaner” to clean up all the temp crap on your hard drive. Delete what you don’t need anymore to free-up space and then do a really big defrag and use a defragger like:

(00 Defrag lite freeware)

Ccleaner here:

After the defrag run a HD diagnostic…use this guide to help:

Hope everything works out for you. :wink:

Thanks for the tips. For the HDD pulled off the cable it shared with the burner, there’s a bit of room. OS is on Primary channel with DVD reader, this was a data dump folder, no swap or temps here, and about 150=Gb free.
It’s in a removable rack, going to try it bare, no rack /tray. See if drive is still ok, hit it with Spinrite if not.
Thanks again. I think it’s resolved it.

We’ve all had the same problem recently with CloneDvd 2 & few batches of discs. :confused:

I now rip the movie with Clone, (remembering to un-check the delete files after sucessful burn option).

Then use Nero to create a DVD-Video.
(drag the contents of “C:\CloneDVDTemp\VIDEO_TS” into the red video_ts folder).

Nero will quite happily burn 3 copies simultaneously if the fancy takes you,
(now that’s gotta save me some time) :bow:

You’ll never go back. :clap:

Thanks for all the helpful info. Removed the flaky hard drive off of the same cable that the burner is on, and all the headaches went away. The drive was switching between being a single to a master on that channel as the hard drive was failing. Windows and mobo couldn’t keep up with the intermittent changes, and burns would fail. Since pulling the drive, 200 discs, no coasters, same batch of media.

Who are these “We’ve All…” you are talking about? I’ve certianly not had any problems burning with CloneDVD2…